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my weekly workout wrap-up!


HI FRIENDS.  IM BACKKK.  i've really missed these weekly recaps and being able to look back/see where i was at/what i was doing/how i was feeling really does help me when i'm looking for motivation and TRACKING struggling to stay consistent.  💃🏼


we were driving home from being in RI for my sister in laws graduation on monday and didn't get home until seven-ish.  i made the decision to skip my workout at that point to get ready for work and start unpacking.  i decided to just move things around and skip one of my cardio days!

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my journey with body positivity


hi friends!! i miss you guys!  i'm hoping to get back in here a lot more and work my creative muscles again.  the first few months of 2018 continued being stressful and long but also really rewarding.  I've grown a lot and worked REALLY hard on my goals/establishing a vision for where i see my life going.

THIS GIRL'S GOT GOALS.  and if you're interested in that kind of stuff i'm happy to share!

BUT TODAY.  i wanted to hop in and have a (long and very wordy) conversation about my life's journey with body acceptance.  why? because social media is a highlight reel – and things haven't always been successful for me, my journey with body positivity/acceptance has been a LONG work in progress.  I could have called this a journey with fitness or nutrition or health, but really what it all boils down to is how I feel about myself.  that's how i've learned to gauge my progress and i've had SO MANY ups and downs.  i finally feel like i'm in a place where i've achieved a lifestyle, where working out and eating nutritious foods is a priority in my life and i'm seeing the benefits of that in my physical body and in my mind.  SO LET'S TAKE A TRIP DOWN MY MEMORY LANE AND GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LONGGGG JOURNEY OF HOW I CAME TO LOVE MY BODY, SHALL WE?

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a review of 2017


hi babes!  LONG TIME NO TALK.  i can't believe how long it's been since i sat down to chat with you all.

FIRST OF ALL.  thank you thank you thank you for keeping the pike place kitchen alive during my hiatus.  i had so many comments to respond to and you guys kept increasing the hits day by day and i can't tell you how much that means to me.

so i'm sure you're wondering… what has she been up to!?

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Fitness / Health / Workout Wrapup

Workout Wrap-Up


HIIIIII. it's been a hot second huh guys?  I havent posted meal plans OR workout wrap-ups!  I honestly just fell out of a routine.  it was my birthday and PT and trying to take things EASY. and I was probably a little TOO lenient with myself.  but last week was the start of marathon training.  EEEEEEKKKK. so I'm back and it means i'll be back with more workout recaps and eating clean again.

M – Yoga Fix; 458 Move cals

T – 2 miles + Time Trial; 673 MOVE CALS

W – Upper Fix; 587 MOVE CALS

T – Rest Day + PT; 410 MOVE CALS

F – 3 miles + Pilates Fix; 700 MOVE CALS

S – 5 miles; 565 MOVE CALS

S – 2 miles; 451 MOVE CALS


wrap-up thoughts:

My legs felt really fresh on most days and i was SO grateful to not run into IT band issues.  I've been taping up my knee with KT tape (i bought a giant thing of it and asked my physical therapist to show me how he would use it) and i think that helps a LOT.  I think the only day that my legs felt tired was on Sunday, but i can't say i'm super surprised after 3 runs in a row.  OOPS.

My training schedule didn't call for a run on Friday, but i missed it on Thursday because of PT so i pushed it to the next day.

UMMMM. the heat is BRUTAL.  incredibly aggressive and i knowwww its not even bad yet so i'm getting scared about what's to come.  I'm trying to workout in the mornings (ummmm life changing btw!) and i'll have to freeze water bottles to take out with me if i get caught in a non-morning run. if you follow me on instagram (@ashtonesup) you probably saw that i'm OBSESSED with my coola sunscreen.  i use the sport mango guava.  it's amazinggggg.

OTHER THAN THAT. i think things went really really well.  I did decide to do a video recap of my thoughts on the training period, sooooo without further ado:

in terms of my fitness journey as a whole, I FINALLY hit the milestone goal of losing 20 pounds since January 2nd!  i'm so excited and even more excited to throw myself more into coaching.  exciting things to come 💕

to follow my journey check out my fitness instagram & facebook page. && if you're ready to start on YOUR journey, i want to help! fill out these questions and we can discuss programs, meal plans, or tips & tricks! if you're not fully committed to “starting” a journey because it's OMG OVERWHELMING (trust me I know..) I do a weekly healthy living newsletter and I'd love to share it with you!  just email me at to get on the list!