Sunday Sprinkles



1) we went to a NYCFC game yesterday – it was an ordeal getting there and then when we did get there it rained on all of us and they had to halt the game for like 30 minutes… but in the end we won against colorado which was really great

2) this is a LOT of info in one post (and i don't agree with all of it) BUT some of it can definitely be helpful.

3) tonight i made a batch of cocoa coconut nut bites with espresso and they're awesomeeee

4) did you guys hear about the new Harry Potter book?!?!?!?! I NEED IT.  like NOWWW


6) i had a “craving” to go on a run last night… i think that means i need to sign up for another long distance race so i can do some serious training.  we haven't had any races and i've been pretty inactive these past few weeks because the heat is unbearable.  i'm hoping to get up and run tomorrow morning (or after work if i have to wait)…

7) we've been bingeing on parks and rec and i'm looooving it (i've already seen it through season six but i'm rewatching for frankie – also because it's awesome).  frankie's brother introduced us to animal house, which i'm unclear about how i feel.  i've watched two episodes and i'm just not vibeing with the characters.  i feel NO empathy towards any of them besides the kid (who i don't even know how i feel about because he's taking to the crime so easily) i don't know guys.  i just don't know.

8) we're still going strong with whole30 – it's day 10 if you're not following along on insta

9) i wanna read all these!!