Buffalo Bacon Burger




  1. Cook the bacon in a large pan/skillet over medium heat. Reserve the bacon grease and set bacon on a plate with paper towel to drain.
  2. While the bacon is cooking, combine the buffalo sauce and yellow mustard until well mixed. Pour that over the ground beef and add the pinch of salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients together with your hands, then shape into four patties.
  3. Add a tablespoon of the bacon grease back into the hot pan and place the burger patties in the pan. Cook on one side for 5-7 minutes and then flip and cook for another 3 minutes or so. This brings your burgers to medium/medium-well. Adjust the cooking time as necessary. Remove the burgers from the pan when cooked and set on a plate to rest. (keep in mind, the burgers will continue to cook when you remove them from the pan!)
  4. Add another tablespoon to the hot pan and place the four rings of pineapple into the pan and cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. You want them to be a little caramelized on both sides!
  5. Assemble the burgers! I normally put the bacon on top of the burger and then finish with the pineapple to hold it together. If you’re not doing paleo/whole30 – you have the option here to use a bun, if you ARE doing paleo/whole30 – you can use a butter lettuce leaf to hold it all together. My personal favorite way of eating this is to just attack it on a plate, no bun, no lettuce, no additional sauces – it’s absolutely perfect the way it is!