Chocolate Coconut Bites




  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and mix until there are no large chunks of nuts and the dates are almost at a paste-like consistency. It will look like a dough almost. I usually let my food processor run for about 2-3 minutes to get to this point. If it looks too crumbly, add a little more warm water and if that doesn’t fix it add more dates!
  2. From here you have choices – you can scoop the mixture into mini-muffin tins and press down until it is really compact, you can roll the mixture into balls (if you’re super talented – i can’t get this way to work), or my personal favorite using a cookie scoop to get rounded tablespoons that I just plop onto a cookie sheet or muffin tin. Whichever way you choose, place the dough in a mini-muffin tin and freeze for at least 2 hours. If you pressed down on the dough to make the compact muffin shape, you’ll need a knife to wedge between the bite and the tin and pry it out.
  3. Once frozen, sprinkle the top with a little additional unsweetened cocoa nut and (frankie’s personal fave) a little bit of sea salt!
  4. Place in a ziplock bag and keep in your freezer for easy access if you’re eating them through the week.