exactly how i make my salad chicken



1.5 pounds boneless chicken tenders

seasoning of your choice

olive oil spray


prep work: Lay the chicken out on a cutting board and liberally season both sides with your seasoning.  Then spray both sides of the chicken with the olive oil.

first batch: Spread the chicken out in the the air fryer basket.  Set the air fryer to the poultry setting (360 degrees for 12 minutes is my brand’s poultry setting as an FYI in case yours is different) and let the chicken cook for 6 minutes then flip it over.  If the chicken looks like it’s drying out you can spray it again with olive oil, but usually mine is okay.  Let it cook for another 3 minutes then let it rest on a cutting board.  I always test the thickest tender by cutting into it to make sure it’s fully cooked!

following batches: The following batches don’t need to cook as long because the air fryer is already heated!  You can just increase the cooking timer and cook each side for 3 minutes, flipping in between.  Again, always test the thickest tender to make sure it’s fully cooked.  If i’m making 1.5 pounds i usually have to do three batches, but you can make as much as you want with this recipe!

storage/use: You can store the chicken in and air-tight container for 3-4 days in the fridge.  I always dice the chicken before storing so it’s good to just throw into a salad container for lunches/dinners quickly.  I generally don’t reheat the chicken when i’m using it in my salads, i just keep it cold!


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