tbsHi guys!  I'm Ashley, the girl behind this mess of a corner on the internet.  I'm twenty-six (OMG HALP… time is flying) and I'm basically a ridiculously picky, food enthusiast.  I was born and raised in small-town Rhode Island, I studied abroad during college in Florence, Italy, and after graduation, I moved across the country to Seattle, Washington to be a bank examiner.

I love adventure and travel and new cities!  I also love coupons, the food network, running, and cookbooks!  I'm easily excitable, I over-use exclamation points, and run-on sentences that make the least amount of sense are my jam.

I started the Pike Place Kitchen to share my adventures in my little kitchen, in my little apartment two blocks away from the Pike Place Market.

me!I found that I LOVE blogging almost as much as I LOVE caps lock.  When I made the decision to move across the country AGAIN, after almost three years in Seattle, I couldn't part with my little blog OR it's name.

Fast forward to now and you can find me living in NYC with my boyfriend, a few boroughs away from one of my best friends (hellobritty), and a short bus ride away from my family.  I'm probably the happiest I've been in a long time.

I'm definitely not a chef, but I know what I like to eat and I LOVE sharing my food with you (and my boyfriend).  I post a few times a week; usually a recipe on tuesday, a sprinkles post on sunday, and whatever else I feel like talking about on the days in between.  You can also find me on one of my THREE instagram accounts: @thepikeplacekitchen (the blog), @msashleyrenee (the normal one), and @ashtonesup (the fitness/workout account).

You can also connect with me on twitter, facebook, or send me an email at ashley@thepikeplacekitchen.com!


thanks for stopping by, I'm SO glad you're here.  feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or curiosities we haven't answered xoxo ❤️

frankie!that boyfriend I was talking about up ^^ there?  his name is frankie.  he's a pretty cool guy.  I like him.  We've been dating since freshman year in college (going on EIGHT years. woah.)  We live together in a little one bedroom apartment on the UES and it's bliss… about 90 percent of the time.

why am I introducing you to Frankie? because he shows up quite often in these parts of the internet.  he refers to himself as the Pike Place Kitchen executive taste tester.  if he doesn't like something, I know it's not good enough for the blog.

what I really NEED him for? … the beard pics.

that's pretty much it.  he eats my food and I photograph him eating it.


oh, and he runs a fun instagram (@thepikeplacethief) where he posts pictures of him stealing my food.

he's an auditor for a big four firm.  (we're so finance-y and exciting!).  he plays soccer, watches way too much tv, is my occasional running buddy, and #whole30partner.  He likes bars, friends, snacks, and SMOOTHIES.  I rarely make smoothies in our house because… its the one thing in the kitchen that he's better at than me…. well that AND doing the dishes!

and that's basically everything you need to know!