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Whole30 Barbecue Pulled Pork


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whole30 pulled pork!! does it get any better than that?? um yes it does. and i'm finally ready to give it to you. the PERFECT whole30 pulled pork

during our first whole30, i made a pulled pork that i didn't share with you guys because it wasn't… perfect.  it was good.  just not great.  not something i'd replicate and make again… and again.  i refuse to post things that i don't like or wouldn't make again.  it's just not my style.  to be honest, most of the stuff i post here i've made at the very lease twice, usually more.

the stuff that i post right away without retesting has to come out PERFECT the first time.  which rarely ever happens and it didn't happen here!

Whole30 Pulled Pork Collage

SO. let's check out our cast of characters.  haiiiii tessemaes! you guys know, from my whole30 survival kit, how much i loveeeee tessemaes dressings (here's the link to their barbecue sauce on amazon!) because they're delicious and wholesome and made with REAL ingredients and nowwwwww they're ORGANIC!  yay!

but when i took their barbecue sauce and tried to use it in pulled pork it was too vinegary for my tastes.  it wasn't sweet enough.  i felt like it needed to be mellowed out.  SOOOO i thought: apple sauce!  to add a pinch of sweetness and to cut through the vinegar.

whole30 pulled pork

Then i started thinking about how great it would be with peaches!  when they get grilled and smokey/caramel-y they're so delicous.  sooo i threw them in there – they add a nice fruity flavor and sweetness to the sauce.  I use frozen peaches because they're frozen fresh and already peeled and its just a quick cheat that i love.

the liquid smoke was thrown in to try and get that “smoked/grilled” flavor.  i found the Wright's brand on amazon and it fits within the whole30 rules!

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look at the gorgeous colors.  clearly, most of my inspiration is based off of the colors in food!  the peaches just SCREAM summer don't they?  i'm so into it.

i can't wait for barbecues and summer food and the beach and bon fires and all the things.  i'm so over this winter.  this weird, weird winter.

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so let's pretend its summer.  let's combine these amazing flavors.  mix them all together and then we're going to let them simmer for a while an let the flavors marry together and mingle and let's just let them party in the pot.

does anyone know what i'm saying anymore? because i feel like half the time i don't even know what i'm saying.

sigh. we're going to let the sauce simmer and then pour it over the pork and let it cook down until the pork falls apart.

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cooking pork in the crockpot is my favorite way!  it gets so tender and flavorful and amazing.  plus the house smells like HEAVEN all day/night while its cooking.

i love it so much that this is my second crockpot pulled pork recipe on the blog!  i asked frankie which version he likes better and he couldn't decide, which SHOCKED ME.  he loves the rootbeer version.  like would marry me over that pulled pork recipe.  so… i can't believe this healthy version came close to that one for him.  (it's also bff approved!  britty from hellobritty.com loved it too!  i made it while she was here and she took some home.)

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OH. and hiiii peach puree!  its super good and super easy and i really love topping the pulled pork with it. – i talk about the puree in the notes!

okay guys… i think its time to get to the recipe.  but before we jump into it.  last week we had whole30 burger vs. whole30 burger.  this week its time for you to choose: whole30 pulled pork vs. indulgent pulled pork (that's how i would classify them in my mind).

also. no bun on whole30! but i'm totally into having this pulled pork on a bun in reintro ? or even just on a normal day.  this pork is totally awesome not on a whole30 too!

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Whole30 Barbecue Pulled Pork
Author: Ashley
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6-8 people
  • 3-4 pound pork tenderloin
  • 10 ounces [url href=”http://amzn.to/2aO4X8R” target=”_blank”]tessemae's barbecue sauce[/url]
  • 1 cup whole30 apple sauce (i use mott's natural!)
  • 1 teaspoon liquid smoke
  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  1. In a medium sauce pot combine the barbecue sauce, apple sauce, liquid smoke, and frozen peaches. Bring to a boil. Reduce to low and simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally.
  2. Place the tenderloin at the bottom of the [url href=”http://amzn.to/1WTw6t9″ target=”_blank”]crockpot[/url] and pour the sauce over the meat. Turn the crockpot to low and cook for eight hours.
  3. When the pork is done cooking remove it from the crockpot, leaving the sauce/juices in the crockpot. Using two forks shred the meat and return it to the crockpot. Stir the meat into the remaining barbecue sauce.
  4. Serve the pulled pork warm!
I serve mine over zucchini noodles or baked potatoes when I'm doing a whole30. If I'm not doing a whole30, i'll eat it on a bun or over rice![br]For the peach puree – take a cup of frozen peaches and microwave them for a minute. place them in a small blender or small food processor with a tablespoon of warm water and combine. drizzle it over the pulled pork and enjoy!

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let's have a pulled pork party… i call the biggest sandwich!! (ugh. i'm the worst.)

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