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Basically Healthy


it's been a while, huh guys? i feel like it's time to give you a real explanation for where i've been and why i've stopped blogging and where i plan to go from here. so i'll start with saying I MISSED YOU. a lot. like a real lot.

for a LONG time, blogging gave me so much happiness and enjoyment and excitement. i loved spending hours coming up with recipes, shooting the pictures, and writing the posts. i loved growing this blog and having a creative outlet.

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my weekly workout wrap-up!


HI FRIENDS.  IM BACKKK.  i've really missed these weekly recaps and being able to look back/see where i was at/what i was doing/how i was feeling really does help me when i'm looking for motivation and TRACKING struggling to stay consistent.  💃🏼


we were driving home from being in RI for my sister in laws graduation on monday and didn't get home until seven-ish.  i made the decision to skip my workout at that point to get ready for work and start unpacking.  i decided to just move things around and skip one of my cardio days!

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Move / Toppings

my journey with body positivity


hi friends!! i miss you guys!  i'm hoping to get back in here a lot more and work my creative muscles again.  the first few months of 2018 continued being stressful and long but also really rewarding.  I've grown a lot and worked REALLY hard on my goals/establishing a vision for where i see my life going.

THIS GIRL'S GOT GOALS.  and if you're interested in that kind of stuff i'm happy to share!

BUT TODAY.  i wanted to hop in and have a (long and very wordy) conversation about my life's journey with body acceptance.  why? because social media is a highlight reel – and things haven't always been successful for me, my journey with body positivity/acceptance has been a LONG work in progress.  I could have called this a journey with fitness or nutrition or health, but really what it all boils down to is how I feel about myself.  that's how i've learned to gauge my progress and i've had SO MANY ups and downs.  i finally feel like i'm in a place where i've achieved a lifestyle, where working out and eating nutritious foods is a priority in my life and i'm seeing the benefits of that in my physical body and in my mind.  SO LET'S TAKE A TRIP DOWN MY MEMORY LANE AND GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LONGGGG JOURNEY OF HOW I CAME TO LOVE MY BODY, SHALL WE?

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a review of 2017


hi babes!  LONG TIME NO TALK.  i can't believe how long it's been since i sat down to chat with you all.

FIRST OF ALL.  thank you thank you thank you for keeping the pike place kitchen alive during my hiatus.  i had so many comments to respond to and you guys kept increasing the hits day by day and i can't tell you how much that means to me.

so i'm sure you're wondering… what has she been up to!?

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