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Basically Healthy


it's been a while, huh guys? i feel like it's time to give you a real explanation for where i've been and why i've stopped blogging and where i plan to go from here. so i'll start with saying I MISSED YOU. a lot. like a real lot.

for a LONG time, blogging gave me so much happiness and enjoyment and excitement. i loved spending hours coming up with recipes, shooting the pictures, and writing the posts. i loved growing this blog and having a creative outlet.

but then i found myself at a cross roads where recipe development didn't feel… fun anymore. i was starting to focus more and more on exercise and running (i've run two marathons now!) and i felt like the things i was eating weren't… exciting enough. i was paying more attention to nutrition and reaching for easy meal prep options. quite honestly i didn't think you guys wanted to see grilled chicken and broccoli… i guess healthy food didn't feel glamorous.

i had other things i wanted to write about but i didn't feel like this was the space because The Pike Place Kitchen was a food blog. i'd been pretty adamant that i didn't want to give it up. that i would ALWAYS be The Pike Place Kitchen. so it felt like i couldn't come back until i was ready to write about food again.

but clearly i'm here now so something must have changed right? you could say that. this year has been pretty transformative for me in terms of the person i am. i've really focused on growth and mindset and with that has come a lot of clarity around what i want my life to be about and what i'm passionate about.

about a year ago i changed my instagram handle to @runnowpizzalater because running is such a big part of who i am AND i couldn't get on board with the idea that i needed to restrict my favorite foods (pizza) to be a healthy human. i'm passionate about nutrition AND delicious food. i want my slice and to eat it too, if you will. my journey had become more about alignment than about trying to “tone up.” so when i looked at the blog on a macro level i felt like run now pizza later did a better job of representing me, my life, and my philosophy when it comes to health and i decided to fully rebrand the blog.

as a part of my search for alignment in my health, i signed up for a nutrition coaching course (Precision Nutrition) to learn more about what good nutrition really is and what food does for/to my body. i wanted to learn for my own personal knowledge… but what i didn't expect was to find a passion for helping others get healthy in a sustainable way. i was looking for the “perfect meal plan” or to learn the “ideal way to eat,” instead i learned that it's more about building habits through small changes.

and now i'm SUPER excited to announce i'm starting my own one-on-one health coaching program: Basically Healthy. i believe you can make a BIG impact through really small, basic actions executed consistently. i also believe health goes beyond following a meal plan or workout program, its a whole-person concept. i think there are really four ingredients of health:

you might have noticed that the blog has a new menu up top that mirrors these four health “ingredients.” that's because i'm back, back and ready to share ALL of my thoughts – not just my thoughts about food. i'm excited for this next chapter and i'm so excited to start helping people improve their health on their terms.

this new program is unlike anything i've ever seen before. it's completely catered to YOU. it's like you and i are going on a two month long road trip. You're the driver and i'm in the passenger seat. you get to decide how fast we go, how often we make a pit stop, and if you know a better way to get there. I'm just the DJ with google maps (giving you advice and cheering you on). here's a little more info on my habit-based coaching philosophy:

if ANY of this sounds good to you or like it might be what you're looking for, take a look at this info packet on the program or schedule a discovery call to chat and see if this is a good fit for you.

in the meantime, i hope you have an AMAZING holiday and i can't wait to chat again soon!