my weekly workout wrap-up!


HI FRIENDS.  IM BACKKK.  i've really missed these weekly recaps and being able to look back/see where i was at/what i was doing/how i was feeling really does help me when i'm looking for motivation and TRACKING struggling to stay consistent.  💃🏼


we were driving home from being in RI for my sister in laws graduation on monday and didn't get home until seven-ish.  i made the decision to skip my workout at that point to get ready for work and start unpacking.  i decided to just move things around and skip one of my cardio days!


tuesday i was back to work after being gone for four days!  i didn't get my workout in until after work, and it was frustrating.  i hate doing my workouts at night because i feel like i have NO TIME for anything else when that happens.  our groceries were being delivered on tuesday and with my workout ending at 8 that meant i'd have little to no time to put stuff together for wednesday.  BUT i made it work and by the end of the workout i felt like i was on top of the world.  endorphins are a real treat lol


i love days where i can walk home from work because it's an easy way to basically DOUBLE my move calories.  it's crazy how high they get when i double my workout time. frankie and i are doing the same workouts and in a lot of the workouts i'm lifting heavier SOOO it's hard for us to do our workouts together now, this night we decided to do our workout together and it was… a struggle.  it's probably not going to happen again for a while – we just don't have the space and…. frankie pauses the workout… a LOT lol.


Leg day crushes me EVERY DAMN TIME.  i got up at 5am to get this workout in before work because we had plans with some friends to hang out later in the night. i really need to get back into the groove of working out before work – the residual calorie burn is REAL.


i have fridays off now with my new schedule! i love it because i can do my workouts at a reasonable time but still in the AM.  i tackled this workout before spending the day outside in the park with some friends – it was GORGEOUS OUT and i should really start bringing my workouts outside more.


over the winter i wasn't running pretty much at all.  honestly, training for the marathon really just burned me out and then when frankie tore his acl i just didn't have the same desire to go running alone.  i had a few halfs earlier in the year and they were terrible and i wasn't enjoying them so i took a few months off.  BUT now that the weather is better and i can run outside again i'm trying to slowly add in running as my cardio again.  SLOWLLLLYYYY.  saturday it was NINETY degrees so i incorporated some interval run/walking because i didn't think to bring any water with me 🙄

S – rest day; 263 MOVE CALS

SUNDAYS are still my meal prep days.  i get my groceries delivered from freshdirect (affiliate link!) on saturdays so i'm ready to prep my ingredients on sundays.  i'm thinking about implementing a weekly food diary post to show what we're eating on a weekly basis if that's something you guys are interested in (i did away with my meal planning posts because we were eating the same things a lot of the time, but you can always catch my meal prep on my ATU insta)!  butttt the point is that sundays generally end up being a rest day for me where i relax and focus on nutrition. THIS sunday i actually photographed a TON of stuff because it was a three day weekend and i had the time…. so i have FOOD posts coming your way (shocker of the century, i know)!


woof. look at that weak mileage.  yeah.  THE GOOD NEWS is that i'm not FULL ON TRAINING right now.  i'm just trying to get my running mojo back.  this week also looks terrible because i omitted one of my 30 minute runs because of our monday travel day.   next week will hopefully look more impressive lol.

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