Sunday Sprinkles


  1.  i think i have an online shopping problem.  i spend the better part of my friday off breaking down amazon boxes from the huge pile in my living room.  i'm convinced its a problem.  but i'm not sure if i want help?
  2. i have to run 12 miles today and i'm so scared.  but also, the weather app has been telling me it's supposed to snow??? WHATS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?
  3.  are you guys spring cleaning?  TELL ME HOW?  i did a massive clean like a week or two ago and now the apartment is a disaster again.  WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING.
  4. on the subject of cleaning.  do you guys use unrollme?  its literally a genius way to unsubscribe yourself from all those anthropologie email subscriptions you accidentally clicked yes to when you were spending way too much money on bowls and spoons… but seriously, its genius.  also, you can “roll up” all the emails you don't want to unsubscribe to but don't want to get blasted with 239875298357932842398 times a day.  they basically pull all those emails into ONE EMAIL. that you scan through and see what's interesting.  SO FREAKING SMART.  <- i'm clearly excited about this.
  5. did anyone do any good april fool's jokes?  I was luckily home by myself most of the day.  i had lunch with my bff hellobritty, but no jokes were had.  it was glorious.
  6. MAYBE I DON'T HAVE A SHOPPING PROBLEM, i didn't buy any of these.
  7. tv. is it weird that i'm mildly obsessed with house hunters renovations right now?  i have no idea why.  oh and catfish is still my go-to right now when i'm cleaning the kitchen.  is HTGAWM over???? because i'm not into that.  omg it is.  thats incredibly upsetting. UGH.
  8. everyone's seen taylor fall off the treadmill by now right?  i swear to god that's one of my biggest fears.  i literally hug the front bar because i'm terrified i'll accidentally trip and fall.  frankie just told me that doesn't make sense because if i'm closer to the front of the treadmill and fall, it'll be a longer fall and more embarrassing/hurtful.  so now i'm never going to go on a treadmill again.
  9. i love tacos.