Sunday Sprinkles


  1. does anyone else loveeee the green apple angry orchard as much as i do?
  2. my boyfriend is the most amazing and ran ELEVEN miles with me today!  we're dead.
  3. OMG HAPPY EASTER.  i keep forgetting its easter.  i actually didn't even know until last weekend when one of our friends asked us what we were doing!
  4. i spent this weekend recipe testing! and let me tell you, i've got some really good stuff coming your way!!
  5. i love when body shamers are shut down.
  6. i got new knives this week!! i'm so excited.  i used them for the first time last night and they're SO nice.  they're super sharp.  (and they're copper… my fave)
  7. TV. we love love love quantico over here.  like a lot. also, i'm so! so! so! confused by HTGAWM and what's gonna happen next.  GAH.
  8. this was floating around this week and i think its hilarious.
  9. i took a really relaxing bath today after my run. it was the best.  lush bubble bars are my fave by far.