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Anchorage, AK


[I promised to do this (and meant to do it way sooner but then my big news happened and that kind of took over) so here is a photo {all taken with iphone} summary of my time in Anchorage, Alaska & a list of my favorite places/touristy things/etc.]

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Eat + Drink

Moose's Tooth {Lunch Specials – Avalanche Slice + Pepperoni Slice + Honey Ginger Salad}

Bear Tooth Grill {Tri-Salsa Plate + Habanero Skewers + Yucatan Lime Soup (my fave) + Pork Colorado Tacos + a few of the special cocktails of the week}

Simon & Seafort's {Lunch Combo – French Dip + French Onion Soup + omg the breaddddd; Chicken Club + Cranberry Mojito}

Spenard Roadhouse {Soup Special Pork Chili + Blackened Fried Brussels Sprouts (O.M.G.) + S'more – disclaimer: the service was slow but the food was delish when we got it}

Glacier Brewhouse {$5 growler tuesdays – Rasperry Wheat + IPA}

Midnight Sun Brewing {Free Tour on Thursday + Peanut Butter Dipper with Bacon (i've had dreams about this grilled peanut butter/honey/bacon/jam sandwich.. DREAMS) + a few beers + some really cool local artist art to look at}

Whale's Tail {all the wine (its a pour your own wine bar) + Curry Chicken Nachos}

Humpy's {Drankssss + a really great cover band that sang a TON of miranda so we were feelin it obvi.}

The Peanut Farm {sunday morning football. enough said}


Embassy Suites {my fave place to stay – dexter is the best bartender ever + they have a shuttle that will take you around downtown and pick you up (we only needed a cab once the whole time) + delicious breakfast + nice/clean rooms}

Downtown Hilton Anchorage {I couldn't get into the Embassy my third week in Alaska so I had to switch.  It was okay – really good food in the executive lounge so if you're gold or diamond deff check that out.}

Touristy Things

Seward Highway Drive {none of my pictures are from this because we did it in 2012 but it was REALLY awesome and really pretty.}

Flattop Mountain {also not pictured, but definitely worth a hike/drive [depending on the weather/time of year) up there to see some really pretty views}

Kincaid Park {cute little place to walk around and see live moose roaming around}

Reindeer Farm {It was cold.  I was hungover.  I STILL had an amazing time.  It's really cool. your ticket includes seeing the reindeer – you can touch them & take selfies with them + tractor ride + shooting potatoes + other stuff we didn't do.  Definitely worth it.  If you have kids they had two teens there dressed up as frozen characters using one of the reindeer as Sven.}

Matanuska Glacier {one of the coolest things I've ever done by far.  I think we paid $20 each and you drive right out there and then walk the rest of the way and you can hang out as long as you want.  You can climb up on it or just walk around it, its all up to you – just be careful I almost fell off one of the icebergs hahaha. +  The drive to here from Anchorage is very scenic and pretty – lots of picture stopping points.}

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