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What I Ate While I Was Sick


Hey!  Guess what!?  It's What I Ate Wednesdayyyyyyy!  The ever-lovely Jenn was kind enough to host yet another party over at her place.   

I've been feeling pretty under the weather this past week and so instead of showing you what I ate last Wednesday on ze road againnnnn (I was in Salem, OR), I figured I'd show you what I ate yesterday – while I was sick.  Don't feel too bad for me, I started to get somewhat of an appetite back yesterday and I felt good enough to actually leave the house so that's progress (even if it was to get more tissues at Target)!

WIAW 9-24 | Breakfast | I started my day out with some saltine crackers with peanut butter.  I used to be a strictly creamy peanut butter girl but I've been obsessed with crunchy ever since I had it at Deb's for breakfast one morning.  I also had a nice cup of green tea in my Thermos!  | Lunch | For lunch I had a bowl of homemade chicken soup!  I've got a recipe coming your way in the near future.  | Snack | I had a small bowl of salt & vinegar chips to hold me over till dinner.  Weirdly enough, even when I'm sick I can much on those golden crisps.  I was working from home and firmly planted on the couch surrounded by blankets and pillows and… computer screens.  I also drank a couple glasses of water [not pictured]; tryin to keep my fluids up!  | Dinner | Dinner was some steamed broccoli + roasted white sweet potatoes (I didn't know they had different kinds of sweet potatoes when i bought them?!) + chicken mixed with carrots & onions & celery & more broccoli topped with some buffalo sauce.  I washed it down with a glass of crystal light peach iced tea.  Finally, I finished the night off with a Passion tea from Starbucks – I was in Target and there was a promo for two stars after 2pm anyway so it felt right.

Anywho, that was my day yesterday!  Tell me about yoursss & go check out what some other cool kids are eating over at Jenn's!