Columbus Day Sprinkles



  1. I had the most WONDERFUL weekend at home for the holiday.  we did ALL the fall things: apple picking, art festival, the jack-o-lantern spectacular.  I probably ate WAY too many apple dumplings. 
  2. I've NEVER been more excited to eat salads for lunch [and most likely dinner] while traveling this week – see above.
  3. this perfectly summed up today.  perfectly.
  4. i'm super into plaid/flannel right now.  is that the basic/fall-loving quality in me?  probably.  i embrace it.  just like my love of cargo boots, starbucks lattes, and denim shirts.  yes.
  5. in case you need a hilariously funny buzzfeed show to binge on.  thanks britttttt xoxo
  6. youuuuuu have a wonderfully fall recipe coming your way tomorrow – that MIGHT involve apples i picked this weekend… maybe.
  7. TV. OH GEEZE. | scandal | bum bum BUMMMM. oy.  can we just talk about how liv called Jake the SECOND she was away from Fitz.  i'm just saying i'll always love those two.  also what does this mean for the firm?  WHEN will we get back to normal freaking cases.  did they run out of plot ideas or something??  | HTGAWM | i still LOVE LOVE LOVE this freaking show.  like love it.  a lot.  it's still my 100% favorite and i have absolutely no clue what's happening. | scream queens | do you guys love or hate this?  i borderline love it.  i love how quirky and weird it is.  its totally bringing me back to Scary Movie | secrets and lies | no this one's not back on TV yet, but i did my research (it comes back in 2016) – and it will be a WHOLE NEW STORYLINE??? apparently, that story was played to completion…. but we didn't get to see what ended up happening… i don't get it.
  8. THIS DOG. I WANT THIS DOG AND THIS LIFE AND I WANT IT NOW.  i followed and stalked the instagram and the Facebook… oops.  #doggoals
  9. central park was beautiful today.  probably because one of my best friends is beautiful and visiting and we frolicked together and sat on benches and rocks and looked cool.  thats definitely why.