Date Night

Date Night: The Louise


Date night!

HOOKAY. HI HI HI.  we haven't dated in a whileeeeee. did you miss it?  I knew you did.  I could tell. 

SO. this place – I actually didn't try this one on a recommendation or even based off yelp reviews… I passed it on a bus ride to work one day and was like “OH that looks cool!  Date night.”

the louise 2

Frankie will go along with anything so I knew it really came down to what I wanted anyway.  and I wanted this place.  this cute little place.  I THINK it reminds me of a place I used to walk by in Fremont all the time and that's what struck me about it… but who knows?

Date night!-5

the heart wants what it wants right?

and that's how we ended up at The Louise. Date night!-4

| Date: | May 9th, 2015 – WHAT?! yes. I'm bringing you a date night from… TWO MONTHS AGO.

| Time: | 7:01 pm

| Place: | The Louise, UES

| Food: | American (New)

| Drinks: | Moscow mule [ash – duh] + Duke's Cuke [frankie]

| Appetizers: | Basil garlic hummus + turkey meatballs & garlic toast [to share]

| Dinner: | cauliflower cutlet [ash] + steak & cheese[frankie]

| Dessert: | ummmm…. none. GAH!

Date night!-2

ALRIGHTY.  let's get down to the nitty gritty. 

The drinks.  they were okay.  Frankie had been on a gin kick for a while but wasn't too impressed with his.  I just really love a good Moscow mule and am pretty sure I make a better one at home.  but whatever.  that's fine. Date night!-3

THE HUMMUSSSSS.  I was obsessed with the idea.  basil + hummus + GARLIC? my kryptonite.  I was super into it.  here's my problem with hummus though.  I can't eat it with vegetables.  I've TRIED and I just… can't.  at all.  something about it.  I need pita. or bread.  and that's all I want/will eat it with.  the end.  Don't be surprised if you see my own take on basil garlic hummus creep onto the blog at some point – I feel like I can make this better too.  The meatballs though.  they were killer.  I was shocked because I expected them to be dry – turkey and all? but nope they were nicely moist. (<- i'm sorry about “moist)

the louise

Dinnerrrrr.  Frankie got a steak and cheese sandwich, nothing complicated.  he wasn't over or underwhelmed.  <– I think this might just be the theme of our date here.  BUT MINE.  um I'm a HUGE cauliflower lover/supporter/consumer.  I love it.  broccoli too.  and when I saw the cauliflower cutlet I was both intrigued and excited.  I wasn't disappointed.  It came as a sandwich and I really just ended up taking all the other crap off (I can't deal with the texture of like seedy bread and bleh) – I JUST WANTED THAT CUTLET.  you guys.  it was a game changer.  I struggle because I WANT TO KNOW how it's done.  have you guys ever seen this before?  am I late to the party?  you can tell me.  as long as you tell me if you know how to make it.  that's important to me.


so yeah. that was it.  no dessert.  just the ^ food.  it was good, but not great.  I'd probably rate it a 2.5/3 out of five.  not somewhere to write home about/somewhere I feel like I'd take others to.  but cute for a quick night out.

Date night!-6

SO TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LIFE!  where are you going on dates?  where should I be going on dates?  WHAT'S HAPPENING?!  I'll be back next Friday with another archived date night, but for now… tell me all your thoughts!