Dinner at Deb’s


I don't know what I would do without Deb… well to be fair I don't know what I would do without the entire Doyle family.  I can tell you a couple things I know for certain I wouldn't have: this apartment, tickets to Wicked with Cameron, tickets to the Wizard of Oz, a whollleeeee bunch of expensive jewelry I shouldn't have bought (but am so glad I did), and a dish of curry chicken and rice to instagram (see below).

When I moved out to Seattle, Deb and her family graciously offered up their guest room to my mom and I, while we were apartment hunting.  Deb is good friends with my Aunt Jacky, who put us in touch with each other… THANKS AUNTIE.  After I moved into my apartment, and my mom went back to Rhode Island, I would have felt alone if it hadn't been for the Doyles.  They are truly so wonderful and I consider them my Seattle family.  I try to make my way over to their house once a week, if at all possible, to spend time with them… and eat their food… alright, let's be honest mainly to eat their food.  Ohhhhh, I'm just kidding… I go there for the cocktails too.

Going over to the Doyle household reminds me of home, and I can't deny that its seriously nice to have people who care about me here.  Normally, a night at their house progresses like so: cocktails, cooking, cocktails, dinner, cocktails, dominoes (or occasionally a different game), cocktails, desert, and finally the TV show of the night (usually America's Got Talent or The Voice).  Are you sensing a theme?  I am.  They really like their cocktails… and I really like their cocktails too, maybe thats why we get along so well…. hmmm.  Geoff makes a meannnnnn mojito, what can I say?

This week I had the pleasure of going to their house TWICE.  Oh boy, I'm getting crazy out here.  I headed over there on Friday for a jewelry party.  I spent wayyyyy too much money… but the stuff at Stella & Dot is just so cute.  I also ate wayyyyyy too much food (the berry salad was too good to pass up) and had the perfect amount of Reisling.  You win some, you lose some.  I won the right one.

I also made my way over there yesterday night, after sitting in an hour of traffic, for dinner.  I sipped on my gin & tonic (who do I think I am?  she's turning me into an adult drinker…) and helped set the table:

Here's the thing about Deb: I put my full faith and trust in her when it comes to food and cooking.  When she told me we were eating curry chicken my mind flashed to the only time I've eaten indian food and was skeptical.  I was especially skeptical when she told me I would put bananas on it.  But then I remembered: it's Deb.  Sure enough, not only did I love the curry chicken but, it's pretty good with bananas.  My favorite toppings were the bacon and peanuts… I was stealing peanuts all night… I'm slightly obsessed right now.

Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a warm cookie and a game of dominoes…. which I WON (obviously).

And now you know who Deb, Geoff, and Cameron are.  You'll probably hear about them a lot more… sorry I'm not sorry.  You shouldn't be mad, she gives me awesome recipes and tips!