Friday Things


Sun Flower         Tired puppy

1.  I'm heading out to Salt Lake City for the weekend to hang out with my friend Ryan.  Shenanigans.

2.  I know you probably noticed my 2 week hiatus… I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to write a post about Cory Monteith's death.  Only a few people know how deep my love of Cory & glee went.  I don't know, I might write something about it.. but I've been upset and that's one of the reason's I've been gonzo.  

3.  I'm trying out Lightroom 5 for my picture editing… my free trial is for thirty days, we'll see if I want to keep it.  Do you guys have any tips for using it?  I need all the help I can get.

4.  I accidentally forgot my workout shorts this week so I made my way to the pool/whirlpool every night which was super nice and relaxing.

  Whirlpool         Loungin

5.  Grad school is sort of overwhelming.  It's a lot more intense than I expected for an online program.  There's a lot required.  Know who's happy she still has girl scout cookies?  This girl.  I spent all day on Sunday in my office working on my first paper… literally ALL day.  After I was done I obviously needed a glass of wine.

Girl Scout Cookies         First Paper Down!

6.  Fun Fact: I know these girls!  This is a super cute segment on a fitness adventure some of my friends from high school did!  Hi Chels, Holly, & Nicole!  I LOVE paddle boarding.  Like LOVE it.  Do you remember last year when I went and was AMAZED that I didn't fall?  If I can do it that means ANYONE can do it.  Seriously though.  Subscribe to Chelsea's youtube channel.. pretty please?  I swear she's awesome.

7.  While I'm on the subject of pimping out my friends.  One of my best friends from highschool, Katie, started this super cool blog with a really interesting idea.  She found and bought this box of 100+ handwritten letters and shes sorting through them and writing about them!  I just find it super interesting and you might too.  Show her some love!  Also, another friend from highschool made this instagram for her new french bulldog puppy and I'm OBSESSED.  like I can't stop awwing and oohing and watching the videos over and over and over again.  It'll brighten your day, I swear.  #CeasartheSP

8.  I couldn't stop laughing at this, specifically Ariel's hair in the wind.  I'm also REALLY trying to be mature about this… but let's be real it's too hard to be an adult.  Also this poor guy… it would happen to me.

9.  Last weekend I woke up and didn't want to get out of bed.  Like I laid in bed for probably a good 30 minutes then I thought about how I could have bacon on a bagel for breakfast and it was like instant awake-ness.  I was in the kitchen in like two seconds.  And fyi it was totally worth it.


10.  Look at me and my baby brother, weren't we adorable?  Okay yeah, I'm not cool I get it.  But in all seriousness… check the Harley Davidson bikini.  Bad. Ass.  Baby Brother

Also, last week was the nine year anniversary of my grandmother's death… weren't my grandparents so adorable?  (I'm sorry for all the family bragging… I can't help it.  She looked so beautiful.  Grandparents

11.  Because it's impossible to ignore the birth of the royal baby.  (they're funny. open them.) (and yes, I did wear this crown all week long in celebration…)

Royal Baby... I got a crown

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