Monday [I missed you] Things



1. I'm obsessing over my Naked3 pallet that I got for Christmas.  It's so pretty I want to die.  or just rub it all over my face when no one is looking.  muahahah. 

2.  I know that NO ONE wants to hear me rave on about things that I ate and loved while I was traveling to little remote places that no one ever goes to… butttttttt.  I literally had the best pot roast of my life at a little restaurant in Juneau, Alaska that only makes it on Tuesdays.  I'm going to hide now before you all try to murder me.  (but really.  it was amazing.  it included roasted cloves of garlic… whole.  yeah.)

3.  I love it when my friends tell me they read my posts and like the numbered ones… I love that you guys get me… and accept me… swoon.

4.  There are days when I have SO much compassion and feeling for Lea Michele that I could throw up or cry.  When I first professed my love of her my friends hated her and her “diva” attitude.  Honestly, I think she's the epitome of grace and strength.  I admire her ambition and drive and wish I could be more like her. 

5.  People who don't like to read confuse me.  I am my most content inside a good book.  However, I'm also pretty content inside a bad book too.  Any time I don't actually have to think I'm pretty happy…. Any good book recommendations?

6.  My uber talented friend Jordan recently moved to Nashville to pursue her singing dreams.  She's amazing and you should look at her youtube page.  DOOOOO IT.  I'm currently obsessed with her Say Something cover.  She's so brave and she inspired my new favorite hashtag #rhodeygirlsleavinthenext

7.  Why yes, I did say uber.  OUUUUU-BER. 

8.  I'm petrified of the days when hashtags are no longer cool and we look back and say “what the hell were we thinking?!”  Try to figure out how to explain hashtags to your future children… they're going to laugh at us the way we do when our parents say “bomb diggity.”

9. Only the literal cutest thing I've seen in forever.  Along with the coolest thing I've seen in forever.

10. You guys definitely had your priorities in order in January, the most viewed recipe on the blog was my Cake Batter Shots, followed by Red Velvet Fudge Pie and the BEST Pizza Sauce evaaaa.  #proudofyews

11.  UMMM. what was up with the weather this past weekend.  Snow in Seattle?  make it leave.  i'm done with it.  but it's kind of pretty when it's not causing havoc on the bus system and making me wait at a bus stop for an hour at midnight on a Saturday night

Snowy Seattle

I'm a creep and take pictures of other people's plants while I walk.  oh well.