Monday Things


1. I get so much work done when I'm not playing with my phone at Starbucks.

2. We've had a few really rainy days lately.  On one hand, it sucks because you get wet every time you step outside.  On the other hand, it feels like Seattle.  I secretly like it.  I like wearing my rain boots (I bought Hunters because they're all the rage).  I like wearing my rain coat.  I like the sound of water underneath tires on the city streets.  I like the puddles.  I like seeing tourists holding umbrellas and feeling like a local.  I like the cuddle weather.  I'd like it better if I could actually cuddle with someone instead of curling up on my couch wrapped in blankets, eating ice cream, crying hysterically at whatever show/movie I'm watching, alone.  I like that it feels like Seattle when it rains.  This is what I envisioned when I decided to move here.

3. I wish Seattle got thunderstorms.

4. I have two new shows I'm obsessed with: 1600 Penn & The Mob Doctor.  I used to love Grey's Anatomy, but then everything went downhill after they killed George and lost Izzy… apparently now even McSteamy is gone.  WHAT IS THERE LEFT TO WATCH?  Besides McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey you will forever be my favorite doctor.  But, The Mob Doctor reminds me of the beginning of Grey's… when it was actually good and I was obsessed.  It's got a cool story line, you should check it out.  And since my obsession with New Girl exhausted itself last week, I've watched the entire first season of 1600 Penn.  It's HILARIOUS.  I almost cried from laughing so hard at every episode.  And the Finale?  I have to say I had the twist in the back of my mind… I won't give it away though, just go watch.

5. This accurately describes my weekend.  Also, this is the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.  That's a little dramatic, but it is ridiculously hilarious.  As in, I sat here on my couch and laughed to myself for a few minutes (aka an hour).

6. On Saturday, I told you I was going to a photography class.  It went really well!  I learned A TON.  I'd highly recommend it if you're in the area.  It was held by Photomorphis, and Doug Landreth was our instructor.  He was super informative and made the four hours fly by!

7. I miss my little brother.  It makes me sad that we're so far apart.  I think he's so cool and interesting and misunderstood.  I've never loved someone as unconditionally as I love him.  I know that it's probably normal and nothing special for siblings, but I feel bonded to him.  He frustrates me to no end, but at the end of the day he knows me better than anyone else.  It's like he knows how I'm feeling before I feel it.  I love the way he says Ash, and I admire the way he is always his own person.  But, to me, he'll always be my baby brother.


(he hates the middle picture… but I love it… I win, obviously)

8. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with country music.  Stop cringing.  Country music doesn't bite you.  I don't understand the aversion.  It's like story telling with a bunch of awesome different instruments.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because when I was younger my grandma and I used to fight over which of us was Alan Jackson's girlfriend (I mentioned how adorable she is right?).  Maybe it's because it reminds me of home.  Maybe it's because I think practically growing up on my grandparents' dairy farm qualifies me as a country girl.  Or maybe it's because it's just awesome.  We're gonna stick with the last one.  I'm going to a Kenny Chesney/Eli Young Band/Erich Church/Kacey Musgraves concert in June for my birthday.  I was supposed to be going to Watershed in August… but the tickets sold out JUST AS WE WERE ABOUT TO PURCHASE THEM.  My luck, I know.  Laura and I were really bummed, until we decided to buy tickets for the Oregon Jamboree.  Be jealous, I would be if I were you.  I know you're all judging me hardcore right now, and I hate it.  Stop it.  Just STOP.

9. Have you ever shown up to a class expecting one thing and finding out its something completely different?  It's like showing up expecting a physics class and being faced with gym.  And you definitely didn't bring a change of clothes for physics.  Who does that?  That's kind of what happened at me when I went to “Yoga” this Sunday.  Turns out Kinetic Sports Rehab was hosting a Strength and Stability class this week.  It was definitely NOT yoga.  It was definitely awesome though, and I'm glad I stayed… even though I didn't bring sneakers and had to do it in my socks.  It was a great workout.  The instructor, Sean, was super nice and really informative about every move/stretch we were doing.  He walked around and gave everyone personalized help… okay he gave me personalized help.  I needed it.  I was struggling, obviously.  I was sore literally 20 minutes after the class was over, but it was a good kind of sore.  The type of sore that says: Hey, you just kicked butt this morning you won't regret it.  I'm really sad that I won't be able to go for the next two classes.  Next Sunday, I'm doing a walk for MS with my friend Laura, her dad has MS (if you'd like to donate click here, I know it would mean a lot to her & me if you'd at least consider it).  And the Sunday after that, I'll be in Rhode Island… WOOO.  But believe me, I'll be at the last class this April.  If you're in the Seattle area, I'd HIGHLY recommend going to these classes at Lululemon in Pacific Place.  They're free… just remember to wear sneakers.

10. Sunday Sunset outside my window:


I told you I was only blocks away from the market!

11. Have I mentioned how much I love Peppermint Mocha Lattes?  Even in Spring.  They're the best.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to the MS walk for Laura!  She's at $1,200 and she really wants to reach $1,500 by Sunday.  Even if you can only give $5, it's still $5 more than they would have otherwise!  Thank you :)