Monday Things


Pacific Science Center

1. So I'm sure you guys have been wondering what's been going on over here.  Well, let me tell you: EXCITING THINGS.  I'm currently in Vancouver, Washington for work (it's just a few minutes away from Portland, Oregon).  It's really pretty out here and I love that the hotel I'm staying at has a running trail right along the Columbia River.  I've obviously been walking the trail and not running it… I have no endurance.  But it's still nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air while exercising.

2. OH YEAH.  HAPPY BELATED ST. PATRICK'S DAY!  I didn't do much of anything on the holiday.  But the days leading up to it, my liver was definitely tested… it'll forgive me.. eventually.  What did you guys do?

3. Sooooo, remember when I said I was done spending money?  Yeah… me neither.  While I was down here in Vancouver last week, I joined the Macbook Pro Club.  And OH MAN, I'm in love.  My old Macbook was from like 2007 and it was just simply dying.  It took 8 years to do anything, which is one of the reasons it was so difficult to keep things moving around here (I can't blame everything on the computer… it might be some of my inherent procrastination too).  It's really wonderful to have a computer that actually works.  #firstworldproblems

MacBook Pro Apple Care

4. Two weekends ago I went to see Oz with Deb & Cameron.  I LOVED IT.  I thought it was awesome.  I'm a huge Wicked fan and I thought the different perspective on how the Wicked Witch came about was so interesting.  I saw the movie in 3D at the IMAX theater in the Pacific Science Center.  We all loved it all around.  Mila Kunis was my favorite character though, besides Finley(?) the monkey.  The picture at the top of this post was from that night at the Pacific Science Center.

5.   This is so true.  This is the story of my life (every class not just my first).  Just this.

6.  I may or may not have a martini problem.  There I said it.  Not an alcohol problem, a martini problem.  Does it matter that I'll drink a martini with almost any type of alcohol?  EHHHhh… we're gonna go with a no on that one. Martini Week

7.  I've been working in a room at a bank called the Sandy River Room… I immediately thought of How I Met Your Mother & Sandy Rivers… Then I understood the name pun…then I was embarrassed… then I got over it and took a picture:

Sandy River Room

8.  I finally caught up on glee.  I know, it was only a matter of time.  UGH.  N'sync & Backstreet Boys?  Ialmostdiedandwenttoheaven.  Also, the fight scene at the end… I loved every second of it.  I just want my finchel back.  Okay my inner gleek is showing, I need to stop.  However, can Lea Michele and Cory Monteith just have babies already?  Okay now I'm really done.

9.  Yoga kicked my butt yesterday.  The class focused on backbends… I didn't know I even HAD those muscles back there.  Apparently they exist. And they're angry with me.  Hopefully they'll get over it.

10.  I watched the most recent SNL Justin Timberlake hosted last night with my friend Calvin.  Is anyone else as obsessed with Suit & Tie as I am?  Because I am and it's great.

11.  I wish I had seen these before yesterday.  Can someone buy me an ice cream maker so I can make this?  While you're at it can everyone bring me like 20 of these each?

12.  I have SO many plans over the next weeks for the blog.  Get excited.  Now I have no excuse.  Starting with a super simple and delish chicken dish that my mom makes almost every time I come home.  Yummm.


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