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Roasted Zucchini Corn Salsa


Can we pretend it's sunny and 75?

Zucchini Corn Salsa-9

Can we pretend we're preparing for an afternoon summer picnic snack?  or a backyard barbecue?

Can we just melt the snow and banish the cold with our wishful thinking?

Is that a thing?                                 Zucchini Corn Salsa

I think it is.  I think all we need to do is close our eyes and click our heels together, with our fingers crossed, throw some floo powder over our shoulders, and scream: ROASTED ZUCCHINI CORN SALSA!

Or you could just pick up a zucchini and a bag of frozen corn… but that's not nearly as fun for me to watch. collage 2 So.  The trick with this recipe is to not be scared of your broiler.  (also, I have confirmation that it is a broiler under my gas stove and will no longer be storing things under there!)  

It sounds scary, and I get it, but it's totally not difficult.  You just need to stay close by and keep an eye on it.  That is the main trick.  Don't leave it alone.  

Zucchini Corn Salsa-3

I know that the title says this is a “roasted” zucchini salsa, but I'm really using the term roasted loosely here.  The zucchini actually gets pretty soft and loses its firm texture (which is part of why this is so great to eat with chips!).  

We all know how much texture dictates my food preferences, but I really don't mind the zucchini being slightly mushy because you have a nice fresh bite from the red onion and the corn holds up some of its texture too.  Just trust me on this.  Chances are, I'm pickier than you are.  

Also, this one was friend tested and approved!  So even if you don't take my word for it, I have it on good authority that it was delicious.

Zucchini Corn Salsa-5

THE LIMEEEEEE.  The lime really ties this all together.  It's fresh and acidic and it really livens it up in this party.  It takes things to the next level.  

If I teach you one thing from reading this blog, it should be: fresh lime juice trumps everything.  for serious.

When you squeeze it yourself I swear it's more rewarding.

Zucchini Corn Salsa-6

I don' t think it's even worth it to mention my love affair with cilantro, because it's pretty well known now.  

But same thing goes here: don't cut corners – go freshhhhh.  so fresh, so clean.  

That was funny because apparently there are people who taste soap when they eat cilantro!?  My bff's boyfriend has this problem (at least I think it's a problem, because UM HELLO I LOVE MEXICAN).   Zucchini Corn Salsa-7 Did I talk long enough for it to be summer yet?  It better be 75 degrees when I walk outside in a few minutes…. here's to wishful thinking.


Roasted Zucchini and Corn Salsa

  • Author: Ashley Renee
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 2 cups chopped zucchini
  • 1 cup frozen whole kernel corn
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/3 cup diced/minced red onion
  • 1/2 lime
  • garlic salt
  • white pepper
  • cilantro
  • canola oil spray


  1. Set your oven to broil.
  2. Spread your frozen corn onto a baking sheet and set aside. Dice your zucchini into small cubes and spread onto the same baking sheet. Spray the vegetables with canola oil and season with garlic salt and pepper. Broil for three minutes.
  3. While the vegetables are broiling, mince the clove of garlic. Remove the baking sheet and add the minced garlic while turning the vegetables.
  4. Broil for approximately ten minutes; the zucchini will be soft and the corn should begin turning brown from the heat. Remove and set aside.
  5. Mince or dice your red onion ( I minced mine so that no one would get large chunks of red onion, but it's totally personal preference here). Chop about a tablespoon of fresh cilantro.
  6. Transfer the zucchini and corn to a bowl and mix in the red onion and cilantro. Squeeze the juice of the lime into the bowl and mix to combine.
  7. Taste and add more cilantro or lime if desired.
  8. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to two days.


  • Calories: 361
  • Sugar: 15
  • Sodium: 187
  • Fat: 16
  • Saturated Fat: 1
  • Unsaturated Fat: 14
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 55
  • Protein: 9
  • Cholesterol: 0

  Zucchini Corn Salsa-8

P.S. if you caught the Harry Potter reference above, ten points to the house of your choice!