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Rockaway Things + a Seriously Delish Giveaway


Last weekend I went on a “vacation” to spend labor day at a beach house on the Oregon Coast at Rockaway Beach.  It was gorgeous and just really spectacular and I took wayyyy too many scenic & sunset photos and I'm sharing them some of my favorites with you here!

{if pretty vacation pictures aren't really your thing the giveaway instructions are at the bottom!}

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Seriously Delish Giveaway!

Seriously Delish Soooo… I don't normally do giveaways (this one is actually the first one I've ever done!) but this is a special occasion.  Almost two years ago I started this blog, it's evolved quite a bit since then (changing from Blogspot to WordPress to self-hosted!) but I still remember deciding to start one.  It was because of Jessica.  I POURED over her blog.  Went back to her first entries and read it from the beginning (thats almost 5 years worth of stuff).  I was obsessed.  I think she's the bees' knees.  She's so funny and charismatic.  I didn't really realize that i could put personality into a food blog and she showed me that.  I felt like I knew her.  And that's what I strive to do with you guys.  I try to put myself into every post so that you really know me.  I hope that comes through and I hope it keeps you coming back for more.  

Anyway – I knew if there was ever a time that a giveaway was appropriate it's now, with Jessica's book.  So that's what we're doing!  I'm giving away a copy of my new FAVORITE cookbook.  It's not sponsored (I'm buying it off Amazon myself) and I'm not getting anything for writing this, Jessica probably doesn't even know.  I just really love the book.  I preordered my copy months ago & am trying to make my boyfriend go get my a copy signed in NY.  Seriously, it's that amazing.  I love everything in it and it has the same amount of her personality that we get from her blog which is so refreshing.  The giveaway ends next Sunday so check back here & I'll email the winner.  Good luck! 


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