Searching for that Christmas Feeling


I just haven’t been in the Christmas mood lately.  Which is really weird, because I’m pretty sure I have Christmas-Movieitus.  It’s a disease.  I just made it up and self diagnosed myself but whatever, I’m an expert.  I know I’m an expert because I’ve probably sat on my couch and watched a million Christmas movies over the past month… seriously.  Every time I want to do something like write a blog post, organize my pictures, edit the pictures from abroad that Frankie has been relentlessly hounding me about patiently waiting for over the past two years I just decide to sit on my couch and watch a Christmas movie. 

I keep thinking that they will put me in the Christmas spirit… but they don’t.  So then I tried to make Christmas cookies… it’s just not nearly as fun without your family.  It’s almost like Seattle is against me being in the Christmas spirit.

The closest I’ve been to the Christmas spirit all season was at the Tree Lighting in Magnolia.  I went with Deb’s family and we walked around and it was just a good time.  They lit their tree and the stores give out food and drinks and wine.  We all know I downed classily drank the wine… let’s be serious.  Nevertheless, I was only in the Christmas Spirit for a few hours. 

Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s not being home.  Maybe it’s knowing that Christmas just won’t feel like Christmas this year with my parent’s divorce.  I feel like I’ve given up on Christmas.  It’s sad, but it’s true.  Reality is slowly sinking in.  I’m an adult now, and the magic is gone.  So what do you do when you hit the quarter-life-Christmas-crisis?  Watch Christmas movies and try to get the magical feeling back or spend a full day listening to “Today's Christmas” on Pandora.  I lead an exciting life.  The Justin Beiber N'sync Christmas album will forever be a favorite of mine.  Don't try to pretend like you weren't jamming out to Mistletoe last October when it came out.  You weren't?  It was just me? Me neither.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a much better Christmas season than I am. 

I’ve had a post about wine written for about two weeks now, and I was just about to put the pictures in and post it but then the Connecticut shooting happened and it suddenly felt so much less important.  I’ll post it eventually, but the tragedy really hit me hard.  I hope those families are able to find some peace at the worst times in their lives. 

So that’s it.  I don’t have a recipe I want to put in here.  I just wanted to let you know where I’m at.   Yesterday I freaked out and almost cried trying to get last minute gifts for everyone… transporting Christmas presents cross country is not an easy feat.  I'm flying home today, which means I get to see my boyfriend soon!  Hopefully he'll be able to fix me… he always does.  He's coming to Seattle for New Years… I'm pretty excited.

Here's a mistletoe yankee candle, because they always make me feel better.  And they smell EXACTLY like a Christmas tree… its the only way I can get over having a fake tree :)