Tuesday Things



1. CASSIE G. WON THE GIVEAWAY.  Congrats boo!  Check your email and send me the address I should send the book to :)

2. I went home last weekend for a spur of the moment/really short/surprise trip to my school's homecoming and to see my boyfriend for our SIX year anniversary.  oh my. that makes us so old, I think.

3. Speaking of the book and my anniversary – my boyfriend went to a book signing in New York and MET Jessica in person to get me a SIGNED copy as an anniversary present.  & a really pretty alex & ani, but like… HE MET MY SPIRIT BLOGGER.  I'm dead.

4. yes.  just, yes.  and i'm not ashamed.

5. SOA | comes back on tonight and like… I'm halfway through season five… I NEED TO CATCH UPPP.  I'm not feeling that great so I'll probably spend most of the weekend on my couch binge watching the seasons I'm behind on.  New Girl | I. just. can't. wait.  the Mindy Project | oh my gawddd the preview looked SO funny.  Scandal | WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS NEW SEASON.  WHERE IS OLIVIA.  HOW? WHAT? WHY? WHEN? I need to know.

6.  I'm throwing out magazines guys!  I'm going through the STACKS I have and throwing them out.  I've gotten rid of like 5 in the last two weeks.  It's a miracle.  I hoard magazines like no other.  

7. I have an obsession with this sweater I bought at target.  Suburban targets get me every time with their selection in clothes.  I bought the sweater in green and went back last night and bought it in two more colors… because that's necessary.  BUT ITS FALL AND I LOVE FALL.  AND ITS SO SOFTTT.  I want to live in it.  So that makes it okay to own three of them. duh.

8. I also just kind of want to pay someone to come and deep clean my apartment.  I haven't been home in two weeks and I'm just imagining all the stuff I'm going to have to do and it's alarming.  I won't do it… but I want to.  I hateeeee cleaning up after myself.  hahah.

9. A couple weeks ago I went to my first rodeo at the Washington State Fair.  I had an UNBELIEVABLE scone.  It blew my mind.  It changed my world.  If i could eat nothing else for the rest of my life I would be okay I think because, like. raspberry. jam.  

10. his & hers coffees ftw.  Because we're cute.  and mary-lou's is just heaven.  mines the peanut butter cup obvi. IMG_7503.JPG

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