Sunday Sprinkles



1. I just finished facetiming with my mom and her best frienddd.  they're having a great time in Newport, RI at some swanky hotel.  I'm really jealous.  i want a fuzzy robe and an ocean view window!

2. Who else has a mac?  when i'm typing, fn + delete saves my life sometimes.

3. Today I reached the points I needed on the myzone activity belt in order to keep it for free!  I'm super excited.  I think it's such a cool gadget to have.

4. I ordered an outfit off fabletics this week (it's the nehalem falls outfit) and i'm kind of obsessed with it.  it's so comfy and i want to live in it forever.  is that acceptable?  I didn't think i would love it as much as I do.  

5. I'm slightly confused by the weather.  it SNOWED on friday and then proceeded to be BEAUTIFUL on saturday and sunday.  I don't even know what that means.  But Frankie and I went on a walk around the neighborhood today and it was so nice out.

6. UM.  if you saw my instagram, you'll know i made banana bread today.  but i didn't have baking powder.  WHAT KIND OF FOOD BLOGGER DOESN'T HAVE BAKING POWDER?  how does that happen?  i had to run out and get some…. obviously.

7. | Scandal | i loved lena dunham in this episode.  her hair was on point and i just loved it all.  but HUCKKKKKKKKk WHAT?  we really need to get him under control.  and CYRUS WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO COME IN WITH SOMETHING SHADY.  get out. | Secrets and Lies | ummmmmm i think this might be my favorite spring show.  Frankie and I are always excited to watch it.  i'm still feeling like it was the younger sister… but then she made that comment about Nat's friends “drinking in the woods” and i feel like that will be relevant somehow.  idk.  I NEED MORE INFO.  | Mindy | mindayyyyy always saying the right things about loving your body and accepting yourself.  she's the best.  love ittt.

8. This.  ESPECIALLY #7, i say that one all the time and no one gets it.

9. i'm going to bingo next weekend with my grandma at foxwoods.  it's kind of our thing.  cross your fingers that we win. 

10. you should watch this just so you can see the “dancing section and know that those are all my moves.


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