Sunday Sprinkles


  1. Frankie and I did a major overhaul cleaning super fast today, we have people over to pregame the NYCFC game against the sounders.  We have season tickets to the NYCFC games, but i'm definitely hoping the sounders win (don't tell).

2. harry potter is lyfe.  (yes, i do hate myself)

3. Kate gave birth to a princess!  gah.  i'm actually not as obsessed as i was when George was born, but I am excited to learn her name.  I find everything about royalty very interesting.  I used to be obsessed with the tudors and honestly it's probably why i find Game of Thrones so interesting.

4.  I bought my boyfriend reserved seats for the first pitch perfect 2 showing next thursday… I don't think he's ever loved me more.

5. UM and along the lines of things I've bought him recently.  THIS BAG.  it's so nice.  i got it 30% off during a sale and it came like the next day.  We took it to a wedding this past weekend and it's pretty much the perfect bag.  (I bought myself one too.  because I can't resist a good deal… like ever.  I got mine in the dark brown and frankie's is the Olive Brown).  It's surprisingly bigger than it looks when you see it first thing, but also it looks so nice as an overnight/weekender bag.  I'm really happy with it, i felt like it was a super grownup gift.  

6. My friend kate was a part of this amazing project.  it's been receiving tons of attention lately, rightfully so, and you should definitely check it out.  

7. Backstrom | so i haven't really talked about this show, but i'm super into it.  I think it's really funny and different from the other crime shows out there right now.  it SORT OF reminds me of psych with the humor, but it's definitely more serious and more sarcastic witty humor (which i love) | Secrets and Lies | Frankie let me know that last week's episode wasn't the finale.  THANK GOD.  i think the finale is on tonight?  I'll probably watch tomorrow night with Frankie, but i'm still standing by my Abby theory.  My thought is that the only person she would be able to actually identify just by the height would be Abby.  also, i've been saying i thought it was her from the beginning.  She acted super weird after finding out Tom was dead.  

8. have you ever played kinect sports rival?  it's probably the game on our xbox that gets the most use.  we love it.  it's super fun.  

9. what are you getting your moms for mother's day?!?   I haven't figured out what to get mine yet.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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