Sunday Sprinkles



1. I'm baaaaaack, with a sprinkles post AND a brandy new schedule ^ for you crazy kids!  Okay, SO.  I tried to take a hiatus on the personal posts for a little while just to see how it felt.  I had mixed feelings, i loved focusing on just food for a while and it did free up a LOT of my time to do some other blog related ish (see #3).  I did really miss talking to you guys about what's been on my mind.  it's one of my favorite parts of this mutual blog relationship that we have – I LOVE hearing from you all and i really love having that outlet to put my thoughts out there – soooo I'm bringing them back, in a very new/scheduled way.  Let me give you the low down!

2.  Sunday – sundays will always be Sprinkles posts.  these are the posts where I talk about all that crap you probably really don't care about, but I most likely think its funny or interesting and I like sharing the thoughts with you.  Tuesday  – ohhhh tuesdays!  this is probably the biggest change, I'm shifting the recipe posting date up to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays.  I really loved my friend Katie's idea of #partyof2tuesdays, so I'll be incorporating that in here, but really all food recipes will be posted on Tuesday from now on.  Wednesday  – muahahaah.  i gave myself a free space!  This is the day that i can post whatever I want.  They'll probably range from WIAW to New York updates to reviews or really anything thats going on in my life that I want to tell you about.  It'll be super random.  You'll love it.  Thursday  – OH THIRSTY THURSDAY!  So, this is the day you can look forward to a drink recipe.  if you don't see a recipe come through the blog on Tuesday, it'll be because I have a drink/cocktail planned for you all that week.  I knowwww it sounds so fun!  let's just go back to college now, okay? okay.  and finallyyyyy  Friday  – let's talk about date night!  I loved featuring date nights to you guys, and I really fell behind.  BUT i'm bringing them back to you!  They might not be exclusively NYC dates either, if we find ourselves somewhere else – RI or NC or Seattle WHO KNOWS WHERE, you'll likely see a date post from there!  and that's it folks.  that brings us back to the start of the week on Sunday :) now that we've got that all explained and out of the way, let's get to chatting about typical Sunday stuff!

3. I've started a new project!  I'm reviving my pinterest board.  I rarely ever used it before, so now i'm trying to bring it back with a vengeance.  Check it out to see me going through old recipes and re-pinning them in long pins!  I've heard that long pins get more action over on pinterest so i'm trying it out.  let me know what you think! do you prefer long pins or do you find them annoying?

4. This weekend is Farmborough!  It's been so much fun already, besides getting rained out yesterday, I've been going with Frankie and his sister Margaret.  gahh we've been having a blast – check back with me on my personal instagram to see all the pics.

5. could this post BE anymore social media oriented?  ew. self-promoting ftw.

6. I've been holding onto a ton of links to share with you guys in the weeks that I haven't been doing these posts.  I thought THIS was hilarious. i'd totally get a lie detector on frankie just to see what he really thinks.  THIS is cool for healthier eating swaps.  And THIS is a super interesting read.  The guy behind the company sounds like a total douche and any time i see those ads in the subway it irks me.

7. TV!  Wahhh we haven't really been watching anything religiously that's currently airing.  I still need to catch up on  Game of Thrones  and I haven't started watching  Orange is the New Black  yet.  I really need to get on my game there.  I've made it up to Season 4 of  Bones  – did we talk about how I'm watching it from the beginning on Netflix?  I can't even remember any more.  WAH.  Frankie and I have also been watching  Lie to Me on Netflix and we really love that one!  I just want Cal and Foster to get together already – we just started Season 2 so no spoilers!

8.  I've been eating less meat lately, it's been really bothering me when I eat a meat heavy meal – i start to feel nauseous and gross (and NO i am not pregnant) – so this was a super good help!  I've been eating veggie heavy meals a lot and making sure I get enough protein has been high on my priorities – i'm obviously not vegetarian so i had no clue how to even start supplementing more protein in my diet.  And before anyone freaks out on me, i'm not going full on vegetarian – i'm just trying to eat less.

9. I've found a few new awesome blogs lately and wanted to share a couple with you guys!  Dani has some great recipes and is super inspirational if you're looking for a healthy eating vibe.  Jordan‘s blog is SUPER cute and i love her title.  she also has some awesome recipes and healthy inspiration.

okay kids, that's pretty much it for the day.  Have a lovely Sundayyyyy!


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