Sunday Sprinkles


 1. if you've popped over to the actual blog website over the last couple of days, you've seen the new vision!  I updated my theme to something new and fresh – I've been working with the ladies over at blogzilla – (which btw. they're amazing!) and we have a couple other features coming along to make it a little easier to navigate and such, but overall – this is the new “look.” i'm SO excited about it, it's something i've been thinking about for a while now… probably since my friend caitlyn used them for her blog re-vamp over at patternmepretty so i finally just bit the bullet and went for it.  I think frankie probably summed it up the best when he said “it just looks cleaner.”  YAYY!

2. um. speaking of MY FRIENDS WHO BLOG… my bestie from college Brittany started a blog! GAH.  it's gorgeous and shes amazing and its just… so her. you should check it out and follow along!

3. you guyssssss. i did like a MAJOR food prep sunday today. i'm totally wiped out now.  I made pesto and cold brew and mexican green goddess dressing and salads and baked oatmeal from jess's cookbook and i chopped all the veggies and just now i'm tireedddd. i was supposed to roast a chicken but FRANKIE didn't want one… he wanted french toast for dinner… the boy kills me and my savory lifestyle.  soooo tomorrow i'll roast the chicken and a ton of veggies and just call it a day.  i honestly forgot how much work it is to like cook for a whole week…

4. YES.  did i tell you about the rice crispy treat ice cream cone I got from a place on the upper east side? oyyy, if i didn't i'll go back and get another one just so i can show you… it was life changing.  i'm pretty sure number 8 on that list is from the same place though!

5. I paid TWENTY TWO dollars for a jar of raspberry jam today from the place frankie and I got brunch at… and i can't even be mad about it… because it was delicious and totally worth it and may or may not be plopped on top of my oatmeal tomorrow morning… 

6. um. two nights ago… frankie and I were laying in bed and I was reading him these and I swear to god he was CRYING laughing… at like two in the morning

7. the tv dealio is pretty much the same, I gotta say.  still loving lie to me, still loving sense8, just finished OITNB today (and um not to give spoilers or anything… but i totally called the Alex thing at the end.  I KNEW IT).  that's about itttt.  frankie and i tried to see Trainwreck today and failed… maybe next weekend.

8. i'm still LOVING the coffee coconut exfoliator from bevs blog… i use it like any time i can.  frankie also used it… on his face… he really just goes straight for it, no testing it out on his legs or arms.. straight for the face.  THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: bevs right, it IS the most fabulous thing i've done for myself in like FOREVER.

9. more like your boyfriend, amirite?! anyone?  alrightttt i'm leaving.