Sunday Sprinkles


  1. you guyssss i just had the LONGEST prep day of my life.  i seriously was in the kitchen for like 12 hours.  i'm SO tired and my feet are killing me.  do i really have to go to work tomorrow? (say no, say no!)

2.  wait. no one told me the VMAs were on tonight. whaaaaaaatt?  i'm getting all the highlights from buzzfeed because i'm too lazy to move to the living room.  

3. ^ does that make me pathetic?

4. Frankie somehow convinced me to do a 10K with him in two months… CASUAL.  ugh.  what are your running tips?  WHAT DO I DO FOR CROSS TRAINING? WHAT EVEN IS THAT?  luckily the “training schedule” they set you up with accounts for 8 weeks… so maybe i'll be able to run a mile by then?!?  … seriously. i haven't run since i moved… soooo it's gonna be fun.

5. i shot three recipes for the blog today: chocolate coconut nut bites, homemade almond milk, and breakfast sausage – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE FIRST.  they're all whole30 compliant so obviously gluten, dairy, and soy free.  TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE!

6. this is amazing.

7.  will you think i'm completely lame if i tell you i didn't watch anything worth of talking about?  I watched a few episodes of Bones obviously. but other than that i've got nothin.  Frankie watches this show Being Human – and i think its completely bizarre, but he watches it while i'm cooking and i can hear it going on and next thing i know i'm invested in it… like wanting to just read a synopsis of the last episode invested.  

8. wait, wait, wait.  i didn't even know miley and nicki had a fight.  but like Rebel's face thoughhhhhh HAHHAHAH.

9. OMG I take back number 6, THIS IS EVERYTHING.  i can't even.

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