Sunday Sprinkles


IMG_4361 1. i went on the longest run ever today. UGHHH. and by that i mean 4.5 miles + the 1.7 mile walk home.  training for this 10K is going to get brutal real quick… next sunday i'm up to a 5 mile run and i just can't.  

2. in other news, frankie started his new soccer league today!  I ran to his game this morning (and around a loop a few times to meet the miles i needed) and then we walked home together… so cute.  his games are at Randall's Island and the view is so pretty.  i can't wait for it to be fall with orange trees and the SKYLINEEEEE.

3. nom.

4. things frankie and I did not NEED: apple watches.  things we got this weekend: apple watches.  touché apple, touché.  also we get our new phones on friday!  I'm super basic and got the rose gold (which i also have the apple watch in rose gold because… duh.)!  are you guys doing the new plan through apple? i'm 99% sure we are, but I'm curious as to what you think!  tell me, tell me, tell me!  

5. um buzzfeed is FILLED with emmy's links… so i'm guessing the emmy's are on tonight?  woops.

6. frankie and i just spent a couple minutes laughing at these.  I am almost positive they were all designed for me.  especially number 10. and number 14 has been my life for quite some time lately… NETFLIX WHYYY.

7. okay – WHO ELSE IS READY FOR FALL TV? i can't wait for all the things – i.e. scandal and HTGAWM – SO excited.  also, i'm very excited about scream queens, it looks really funny.  what are you guys excited for??? tell me, tell me!

8. number 11 always makes me laugh.

9. i'm super excited to share my whole30 results with your guyssss on Wednesday!  i'm also keeping track of my reintroduction phase to let you know if i think it's worth it/if i'm having reactions!  what do you want to know?  i was thinking about making a resource guide with all the blogs/books/tools i think are necessary to make a whole30 quick and painless.  is that interesting? how do you feel?

10. don't forget to sign up with thepikeplacekitchen team on charity miles… i'm leading the (very small) pack right now with 17 miles… all i know is that if running/walking is involved I should NEVER be winning. 


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