Sunday Sprinkles


1. WE TRIED TO GET NEW IPHONES… and epically failed.   wasn't I just telling you about our new apple watches? yes, yes we are technology obsessed.  HOWEVER. we are both working with the 5s <- aint nobody got time for that.  ya feel me? we're trying again. don't worry.  we'll get them eventually (aka. hopefully this week)

2. I might live in these socks for the rest of my life.  true story. I'm buying like ten pairs.

3. my boyfriend has a terrible problem… ALL of his pants no longer fit him. don't you feel bad for him? I know I do.  losing ALMOST TWENTY POUNDS in a month and a half must be TERRIBLE.  I had to berate him on Friday morning to put on a belt because HIS JEANS WERE LITERALLY FALLING OFF (which I demonstrated by tugging them down with ease, clearly… can you tell I have a brother?).  you're not a gangsta Frankie. wear belts or get new pants. 

4. it's our SEVEN YEAR anniversary on Tuesday. awww. he better wear pants that fit to our dinner on Friday at the 40/40 club. for serious… it has a dress code.

5. ARE YOU GUYS SO EXCITED FOR MY WHOLE30 TIPS & TRICKS THIS WEEK? and the pretty stellar giveaway??? I know I am. it's going to be an epic day.

6. THE MOON!  did you see it? i haven't checked yet!

7. I watched TV!!!!! | HTGAWM | like woah.  WOAH.  i'm so excited for this show to be back on.  its still my favorite i think.  although i haven't started Scream Queens yet – did you like it?  um i DO think analise is using that lady and it's going to blow up in her face. (although we already know she gets shot so idk is it worth even speculating any more?) i also think she's going to sleep with wes. but idk.  | Scandal | ohhhhh shhheeeet!  i love predicting this show.  i knew who the murderer was.  i've still got my game.  although, i can't figure out who i think leaked the photos of Liv & Fitz.  AND JAKES STILL THERE. thank god.  you know how i feel about jake.  woohoo!  can't wait for next week!

8. so if i agree with half… does that make me a half adult?

9. can I tell you that UM i ran FIVE miles today?! can i tell you that? who. am. i. ????


11. I ordered the mini day designer for my planner next year! eek! what are you guys using?

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