Sunday Sprinkles



  1. haiiiii. guess who ran her 10K test run today!  it was my best time for such a long run – an average pace of 10'50”  – which is totally not fast but i'm super proud of it.  
  2. also, don't forget to join charity miles to join #thepikeplacekitchen team and earn miles for charity!  we've run 163 miles together so far which is SO amazing.
  3. um. my friend cassie sent me this and it's TOTALLY amazing for a whole30!  i LOVE my slow cooker and I even made a version of the ground beef curry today!
  4. i made the most AMAZING spiked apple cider today.  i can't wait to share it with you, so be on the lookout for a #thirstythursday post this week!
  5. i love this! love love love it.
  6. i still haven't watched hocus pocus yet and its KILLING ME.
  7.  tv tv tv. | quantico | i'm actually in love with this one!  frankie and i just started watching today and it's super good, i love the mind twists!  i love trying to figure it out.  frankie thinks its too obvious but i feel like the teacher guy is framing her.  | scream queens | i decided i really really like this show.  i can't remember if i told you that or not.  um I LOVE THIS.  i think its super funny and hilarious in general.  totally a winner in my book.  frankie has a really good theory – he thinks the red devil is the baby.  iiii think he totally could be right, but if so then i think Boon was the baby and the red devil that picked him up at the morgue was Gigi. GAH. idk so many twists and turns.  | HTGAWM | we're watching this one right now! but like. NATES WIFE ASKING ANALISE TO KILL HER WHAT????  and i love that this show hasn't veered off and they still take new clients/cases etc.  love love love that. and PS WHAT IS ASHER DOINNGGG?? | scandal | i haven't seen it yet, i'll probably watch tomorrow night!
  8.  this is both my life and my goals.  
  10. sushi has been my jam lately.  the past two weeks food wise have been pretty all over the place i won't lie.  i'm having a visitor this week so i won't be able to buckle down until next week, but i'm thinking about doing a whole7 or whole9 to reset my system.  we shall seeeee.