Sunday Sprinkles



  1.  i got to play photographer yesterday with my best friend for her blog and it was so much fun!  i loved galavanting around with her in Brooklyn.  you can check out some of the photos here.
  2. Mob wives is my binge show right now.  i've been going to TOWN.  im on the finale episode of the third season right now and its just SO addicting.  
  3. THIS. is a pizza game changer and totally worth a read in my book.. 
  4. the cold i've been fighting off for about two months now has finally come to a head.  its coming in full force and part of me is honestly relieved that it'll be over soon.  for now you can find me drinking 938450923849024 cups of tea each day and eating soup for every meal.  yessss.
  5.  koselig is apparently a thing and i've now decided i need to move to norway.  (until then i'll be changing my own mindset.)
  6. in case anyone is looking for christmas gifts for grammar nerds.  because um i love all of them.
  7. | scandal | olivia is back to making me REALLY angry mainly because of jake.  i'm sort of over her right now.  get your crap together gurl. | HTGAWM | i'm just so happy that i still love this show so much.  um and how freaking cute was Frank taking laurel to meet his fam? SO CUTE. | quantico | i LOVE this show.  its quickly becoming my second fave.  i can't figure out who i think it is for sure.  i still really don't like Liam and i feel like its him.  | scream queens | top notch as always.  the humor is just SPOT ON.
  8. do you guys have friends where like you can spend a whole day together doing nothing and its not weird and you don't get sick of each other?  i'm appreciating those friends more than ever right now, i think because it's fall.
  9. i'm soooo tired all i want to do is go to sleep.  womp womp.  BUT you should definitely check back in with me on tuesday for an OBNOXIOUSLY easy and delish snack I'm sharing.  YAY!