Sunday Sprinkles



  1. so like. can i duct tape my fridge now?  but actually.
  2. um. i signed up for two new races within the next three weeks.  am i crazy?  i haven't been doing ANYTHING since my last race because i was sickkk. wahhhh. ugh.  but i have a 5k in two weeks and another 10k in three.  
  3. are freezer crockpot meals my next new thing?  i hope so.
  4. the people of france and beirut are in my thoughts this week.  i'm glad to know the people i knew who were traveling in france are okay.  i hope anyone you know that might be in either area are okay too.  and for those that are not okay, we're all thinking of you.
  5. frankie created a new instagram of him just STEALING MY FOOD. its actually really funny and you should follow it.
  6. im still sick.  UGH.  i'm at the end of it though!  i can definitely tell.  this had been coming on for a while so i'm glad i'm finally near the end.  sigh.
  7. TV.  i barely watched any.  my weekend was SO busy.  we watched | scream queens | and i loved it.  still think its highly underrated.  i'm over gigi and im glad nick jonas wants her gone… but WHOS THE OTHER DEVIL.  i watched | quantico | too but i'm not even sure if it was a new episode… was it?  either way, i LOVED it as usual. i was surprised natalie let them go at the end and UM i still LOVE caleb.  swoon.
  8. YES. mainly this is for bianca because she asked for it.
  9. i don't normally watch football… but weren't those some pretty awesome games tonight?!  who'd you root for?