Sunday Sprinkles



  1. this is the part where frankie gets mad that i stole a picture from his instagram and edited it better than he did. HAHAHAH.
  2. um, now that thanksgiving is over i think this is necessary! 
  3. speaking of which, did you have a happy thanksgiving?  what did you do?  did you make my cranberry sauce?  it was a hit at our holiday dinner.  if you didn't make it for thanksgiving you could always do it for christmas! 
  4. frankie and i ran a 5K this morning and it was MISERABLY FRIGID.  ugh.  i had to stop after like two miles because i felt like i couldn't breathe.  womp womp. 
  5. how long did you guys wait to put up your christmas tree?  i put mine up the night before thanksgiving… i'm officially the worst.  but i really didn't want to have to do it on Friday or later this weekend.  ALSO.  what do you do for ornaments?  homemade? or standard balls?  white lights? or colored ones?  I need ALL the details.
  6. my mom came up this weekend on Friday night.  It was really nice to have her around and take her to my favorite places.  we took her to Noche and over to randall's island.  we spent a lot of time just hanging out because we both think we're coming down with a cold (I know, another oneeee ugh.)
  7. TV.  um. okay. | scream queens. | i still LOVE THIS.  i'm SO sad nick jonas is gone.  but not sad that gigi is.  womp womp wompppp.  | htgawm |  UGH im so sad this is over for the winter.  i did NOT expect the asher twist.  dun dun dunnn.  | quantico | still LOVING it.  like a ton.  i love the puzzl-y ness.  also, didn't expect her to turn herself in.  
  8. oh oh oh. did you go black friday shopping??  what did you get?  i got some stuff at sephora! and i got some stuff online.  what are some cyber monday deals that i absolutely MUST check out?  keep me posted.
  9. Yes!