Sunday Sprinkles



  1. HOW WAS YOUR NEW YEARS?  I sat on my couch and gave my boyfriend the present of finishing one of the many many shows on his obsessive TV iPhone note.  ha.  We had pizza and sangria and lounged around and it was glorious.
  2. Um I'm like super obsessing about skin care right now.  I spent an obnoxious amount of money on crap to keep my face moisturized in this terrible winter cold.  What do you use?? Do you want to know what I use?  Tell me!
  3. You know how people always complain about newbies at the gym after New Years? Can I complain about all the people who suddenly care about cooking/eating healthy and as a result stress me out to the max in the grocery store?  Ugh.
  4. An open letter to my boyfriend (that I didn't write but I love it and think it applies 90%)
  5. I'm super into goals and planning right now.  Tell me some of yours?  Do you want to know mine?  I'm actually kind of obsessed and I made Frankie sit down and write out goals too… Because I'm psychotic.
  6. Are any of you doing the TIU challenge?? I want to start making meal plans/ telling you what I'm doing to workout but for the next 8 weeks everything is laid out for me in the challenge, but maybe when it's over I'll start posting that stuff.  
  7. Tv – is there even anything on right now? I'm over the winter hiatus.  But really.  i'm secretly kind-of-not-so-secretly into married at first sight again.  GAH.  i hope david and ashley make it.  i loveeeee him.  thoughts?
  8. chris pratt.  need i say more?
  9. WAHHHHHH miranda lambert is dating someone??? nooooo. ugh.  i secretly was holding out hope.  UGH.  thomas rhett and his wife are officially my new fave country couple.  damn.