Sunday Sprinkles



  1. you guys.  i'm EXHAUSTED.  like SO TIRED.  as in i'm surprised i'm even awake writing this.  wait am i sleeping?  ugh.
  2. SO.  frankie got the bigger blacker box (the box that you can buy to hold ALL the cards against humanity cards) for christmas… AND IT DOES REALLY HAVE A SECRET CARD IN THE TOP.  so exciting.
  3. i'm going to D.C. tomorrow.  TELL ME ALL YOUR FAVE PLACES TO CHOMP.  (i was gonna say munch but i felt like it was weird.)
  4. um can we talk about the weird weather today.  and by weird i mean miserable.  frankie and i had a 5 mile race at 9 am and it was TERRIBLE.  not only was the course hilly… it was DOWNPOURING when we walked to the race so we showed up soaked and almost late.  great day.
  5. side note: those races have THE BEST bagels.  i'm dying to know where they're from (anyone who runs NYRR races do you know??)
  6. we had boozy brunch this morning too and it was glorious.  we went to Ichabod's.  the chicken biscuit…. OUT of this world.  i'd go back and just eat that tbh.
  7. TV.  none of our regular shows are on right now still. but!  i did start watching making a murderer and i'm obsessed.  (2 episodes in and trying not to hear spoilers or spoil it for anyone else is like the worst.)
  8. how have i not had any links so far in this post?  here have this one.  <- it actually took forever to find one that was not golden globes related.  and also i'm now going to put washi tape on my chargers for sure.  this one is actually really good too.
  9. can we also agree that H&M beauty nail polishes have the BEST brushes?  makes painting my nails a breeze. thank goodness.