Sunday Sprinkles



  1. you guys.  i've had the week from hell.  literally everything that could have gone wrong did – and as i was typing this, frankie broke a magnet from our cruise last year – sighhh.  – is this a sign my 2016 is going to be really rough?  i'm trying to practice positive thinking.  
  2. um. it SNOWED today.  obviously it started snowing the second i needed to go outside to the grocery store.
  3. my younger cousin has been visiting since thursday and we did a whole bunch of stuff yesterday, including seeing the statue of liberty ^^^
  4. i made chocolate & blueberry muffins today and FORGOT the stupid greek yogurt.  wahhhh.  they taste okay though, so i'm going with it.  (plus i slathered peanut butter on them and peanut butter fixes EVERYTHING).
  5. THIS is life.  adele is LYFE. 
  6. i'm already prepping my superbowl menu.  today i made buffalo chicken dip (i don't put any cheese in it and add a little extra ranch and NO ONE NOTICES – it always disappears.  just an fyi.) and i bought the stuff to make pulled pork.  I'll freeze the buff chix already made and then i'll freeze the pork in the barbeque sauce ready to just throw in the crockpot on superbowl sunday.  so excited. also i'm planning on making guac (do you want the recipe???) andddd the fave pretzel dip!  i'm probably gonna make a few other things too.  don't worry i'll keep you updated on my full menu.
  7. we're pretty much DYING over here with no good TV.  i started to watch making a murder and then i went to DC and frankie didn't want me to watch without him.  i also have been binging on vanderpump rules when i'm in the kitchen (it's my new obsession to watch TV while cooking & doing the dishes)
  8. frankie's making me an alcoholic smoothie right now and i'm soooo excited.
  9. ugh. i fell down the anthropologie hole today and it was epic.  EXPENSIVE.  but epic nonetheless.  sighhh.