Sunday Sprinkles



  1. For someone who doesn't care about the actual superbowl, I know I've been talking about it ALOT lately.  but that's really because I loveeee friends! and I love food! and I love the event.  but also, I LOVE the idea of this superbowl bingo and will definitely be printing it out!
  2. my first week of half marathon training is over!  for those of you interested here are the stats i'm tracking in my running calendar: 1 week of half marathon training – 16 miles | January 2016 – 31.19 miles | longest consecutive run – 4 miles
  3. i'm thinking about starting a whole30 the day after the superbowl!  would you guys be interested in hearing about it again? or do you care more about getting the recipes?  what are you thoughts?
  4. this.
  5. frankie and i went on a date on Friday for a restaurant week deal and i had the most AMAZING kale salad.  it was shocking.  i'm thinking about how to recreate it for you. 
  6. i can't remember if i've shared this article on making your own dressings.  if not, check it out!
  7. TV. still watching game of thrones and vanderpump rules.  We're counting down the days until our good TV comes on.  ugh.  I HAVE gotten into a new show: fit to fat to fit.  its SO interesting.  oh and i'm still holding out hope for ashley and david on married at first sight.  i really want them to pull through.
  8. we went to noche yesterday and i had WAYYYY too many margaritas.  i was definitely feeling it last night and this morning.  wahhhh do i have to get older?  
  9. i've weirdly been french braiding my hair lately…. why?
  10. REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS??? WHAT???? game. changer.