Sunday Sprinkles



  1. what did you do for the superbowl??  we had people over here which was fun!  
  2. has anyone else been experiencing super chapped lips this year?  it's been so intense.  i feel like i'm constantly slapping on chapstick.
  3. this is hilarious.  so is this.
  4. you guys.  there was no budwiser puppy commercial this year…. WHAT. i heard they're “rebranding” i'm over it.  i want a heartfelt commercial that makes me want to cry tears of happiness at the end.  what are they even thinking?
  5. also, i'm so into the idea of getting a puppy right now.  i don't know why but i'm obsessed… if only my building let me have pets.
  6. i'm thinking about investing in a gopro.  how do we feel about that?  do you have one? do you like yours?  tell me all the things.  what do you use it for?
  7. three words.  game. of. thrones.  thats literally all i've been watching lately.  so good.  i just finished season 4.  i'll be starting season 5 this week.  SO excited.  also, i've been watching the bachelor this year.  weird?  but i'm overly interested in how crazy olivia is.  also, i'm still super invested in david and ashley from married at first sight.  i can't help it. 
  8. um. i'm starting a whole30 tomorrow… i'm not sure i'm ready.  but i definitely need it.  
  9. i can not wait for how to get away with murder to come back. CANT WAIT.