Sunday Sprinkles


IMG_0230.JPG 1.  I'm currently on my way to New York, NY to look for apartments!! It's so exciting… but scary and overwhelming… but exciting!  My two best friends are coming to New York to celebrate/help out a bit (THANK GOD).  And I just can't wait to be top dudes in new york.  We're going to frolic around the streets [read: they're going to watch me cry over being homeless].  It's going to be magical.

2.  YES. Frankie I really hope you're reading this.

3.  I spent WAY too much money at Office Depot last week buying metallic sharpies and paper clips… and so the office supply obsession continues.  I REALLY needed them for my new planner though…

4.  Every season of Friends is now on Netflix, so you should all know where to find me for the next few months…. okay weeks.  Hint: on my couch.  

5.  Frankie's family gave me this really amazing christmas present and I'm literally OBSESSED with it.  I'll report back after I do a couple of them, but I'm just in love with the idea.  

6.  This. is. just. amazing.  I can't wait for Jurassic Park to come out and Parks and Rec comes back on Tuesdayyy.  Actually, I'm just super excited for most of my TV to be returning soon!  I can't wait for HTGAWM and Scandal!

7.  Frankie and I made some really awesome friends on our cruise in December (which, I know, I know, I still haven't caught you up on).  One of the girls lives in Canada and she told me she made the quinoa recipe I posted earlier this week and loved it!  I love it when you guys tell me you make/made my stuff.  HI JESS.    

8.  Also.  I'm from Scituate guys!   this made my week.  “do they even speak english in Rhode Island?” no, no we don't.

9.  It's been cloudy and cozy in Seattle and I've been soaking it all in… for the thirty-six hours I was actually in Washington.  I've been feeling like I'm coming down with a cold so I spent practically all of the time I was home curled up on the couch with tea.  I have no regrets.  

10. I rarely talk about other blogs on here that I love (I should do that more), with the exception of Jessica who I talk about in almost every post/conversation.  BUT.  I really wanted to show you these DIY baby crowns bev made.  like don't you want to just curl up and die over the cuteness? holy crap.  I'm not ready for kids yet… but when I am BOY AM I COMING FOR YOU WITH BABY BIRTHDAY CROWNS.  And you know, since we're talking about her… I feel it's only right to tell you I love her blog.  As in I check it every morning.  She's just… fantastic.  And her instagram captions are ON POINT.  love love love.

11.  ALL THE LINKS TODAY.  you're welcome.  


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