Sunday Sprinkles



{Brunch: Al Pastor Tacos @ Cascabel Taqueria}

  1. i'm ashamed about this but like not ashamed enough to not tell you: yesterday, i ate cold peanut noodles for breakfast…. i'm probably going to do it again too.  i can't help it.  WAHH.
  2. YES – number 22 was my life.  also, 19, 16, AND 11 was the WORST.  I don't know why i'm saying was, she still does number 11.  and loves to facetime me when shes at the bar and then pass the phone around so i can see “you know, my friend tom.  YOU KNOW TOM.  yes you do!  he's the guy from work that you met when you were 8.”  … every. single. time.  ?  love ya mom!
  3. when your boyfriend has busy season, you invest your free time in friends marathons and doing the dishes.  <- exciting lives
  4. cadbury eggs are backkkkk! they're the best.
  5. pshh puhleaseeeee, you know I got every single one right.
  6. i spent a gross amount of money on procompression socks this week.  who even am i?  but they're 40% off right now!!  if you're interested lemme know and i'll give you the code i found!
  7. GAH. frankie hasn't been home to catch up on our faves (scandal and HTGAWM are on the docket tonight with some game of thrones).  On my own i've been watching catfish, friends (a whole lot of friends), and um. the bachelor ? how embarrassing.  (not as embarrassing as spelling embarrassing wrong TWICE and succumbing to the spell check function.)
  8. HEY LOOK ^^ i learned how to add emojis!  (if you have a mac you can just press and hold control, command, and the spacebar at the same time and a menu pops up!)
  9. i secretly want to learn how to make this does that make me… old?