Sunday Sprinkles


  1. LEO WON AN OSCAR.  (coming to you from Monday morning – this is the first thing on my mind and i'll totally forget to talk about it.  BUT HE WON!!)
  2. central park hills are NO JOKE.  my long run last week is STILL leaving me feeling it.
  3. can I tell you a secret?  I loveeeee starbucks (< not the secret) and I loveeee lattes (< also not the secret) but… I'm kindof not really into any lattee that doesn't involve mocha.  WHAT?!  I know. I know.  I just think the chocolate makes the latte… velvety?  is that a thing?  all other lattes are too milky!  WAHHH.
  4. i think i'm skipping my run today.  ughhhhh.  i went out to dinner with my dad last night and we had a few too many margaritas and the idea of hitting central park to tackle 8 miles worth of hills sounds HORRIBLE.  do i run 8 miles tomorrow?  what do i doooo?
  5. i love this.  don't get me wrong, i'm grossly in love with my boyfriend, but i feel like it's inspiring to see strong women who are independent with lives that run just fine without a man.
  6. also, i'm strangely obsessed with the beckhams.  I CAN'T EVEN.
  7. TV | game of thrones | we finished!  how exciting.  except um. NO to everything.  i'm over it all.  UGH.  i can't wait for the next season.  also, how did we not see Bran ONCE that season.  RIDICULOUS. ugh.  | HTGAWM | i've only watched one of the episodes so i don't actually know what the last episode had in it!  DONT TELL ME.  same for |scandal| i didn't get around to watching that eitherrrr.
  8. hahahahahha these are great.
  9. TULIPS are the bestttttt.  i love red and white tulips combined they're so cute ?