Sunday Sprinkles


  1. so like, HOW DOES ONE HANDLE THIS???? that's ME.  she linked back to ME and MY BLOG.  i'm dead.  she's TRYING to kill me i'm 90% sure.  we had a  TWITTER EXCHANGE the other night and it was so fun.  and like now i'm trying to figure out how we can become best friends without me seeming like an obsessed fangirl creeper.  this reminds me of the time i saw the dad and son of the holderness family on the street and i literally was star struck and just watched them walk away…. WHO DOES THAT?  no one.  i'm so bizarre.  but really, how do i make jessica like me?
  2. you guys.  nine miles?  its no joke.  its blisters and crying and hills and salt/sweat and TIREDNESS.  i'm just SO tired.
  3. but i'm really wondering about all of these.
  4. in real life, i bought the inspiralizer and i'm SO excited to use it. yes i already have a spiralizer… but i needed the INspiralizer. its a thing.  just go with it.
  5. today was the first NYCFC game!  Yay! our seats were way better than last year.  we sprung for a section with actual seats instead of bleachers.  so good.
  6. i feel like this weekend FLEW by.  did it fly by for you or am i weird?  oy.  i'm probably weird.
  7. TV.  We caught up on everything!  honestly i don't have much to say about anything though.  i just really am dying to know all about HTGAWM & the mahoney guy who might be wes's father.  also. scandal. i still love the liv/mellie power couple.  i'm really into it.  also! i'm knees deep in a friends binge.  idk where it came from but i watched like two seasons this weekend… so bizarre.
  8. i'm considering purchasing an embosser.  is that weird? like with my address on it.  idk. i signed a two year lease though! so maybe i should?
  9. i don't necessarily agree with all of these, but its still a good read for someone who's trying to undergo a body transformation.