Sunday Sprinkles


  1. GUYS. does anyone have any tips on what to eat before a long run?  i've tried to do research, but almost everything i read says “you have to try stuff out.” … which isn't helpful at all.  sigh.
  2. What'd you do for st. patrick's day??  we didn't do much around here.  i had work and saw some of the parade from my office!
  3. do you ever just feel like you need to take a vacation?  i feel like i need one.  ugh.  maybe an all inclusive resort?  yes, please.
  4. i imagine these people would all be best friends with my boyfriend.  he loves a good 7/11 slurpee.
  5. i just made a batch of my favorite flourless brownie muffins today for breakfast all week and i'm so excited.
  6. one of my classmates from college got married this weekend and looked like the MOST stunning bride.  i have serious jealous pains over here.
  7. TV.  i can't even do this category this week because i'm still reeling from being made fun of by frankie about how i wasn't into watching how to get away with murder and i was going to write this post and just say “i didn't get to watch it blah blah blah.” … which is true. but we're still skipping it.
  8. I bought new knives from bed bath and beyond! eek! i'm so excited. they're copper ❤️
  9. this is probably the best quiz on buzzfeed right now and i don't even care.