Sunday Sprinkles


  1. hiiii good morning!  happy sunday!  most of you are relatively new to my blog and got roped in by my momma's plea for support (but i'm OH SO GLAD to have you and eternally grateful and please please please don't leave me and we LOVE comments so comment on posts and tell me what you think and… oh we love run on sentences as well and i'm not sorry about it).  Just a quick low-down so you actually know what you've gotten yourself into… i post at least twice a week (sometimes more) on tuesdays we talk about a recipe i'm loving and on sundays i ramble on about whatever i feel like talking about.  if i post again during the week it'll usually be some cool new feature of posts. – SO this is sunday sprinkles where i talk about all the things you never knew you wanted to know.
  2. half marathon training update: it's TAPER week.  thank god.  the race is actually in a week and i'm so scared, but excited!  yesterday was a pretty awful 6 mile run.  my mom is coming down on friday to watch the race.  YAY!
  3. some of the most delicious and beautiful spaghetti pictures EVER.
  4. i'm writing this from Wake Forrest, NC!  Frankie and i are down here visiting his family, it's his mom's birthday weekend and we've had so much fun (even if the battle-axe said too much last night…)
  5. ugh i'm so indecisive all the time and #2/#3 – TOTALLY ME.
  6. i'm nervous to say this, but i think i want to start another whole30 after frankies birthday… i'm scared because of the two failed ones i had in January.  womp womp.
  7. TV – we're in NC so i haven't caught up! DONT TELL ME ANY SPOILERS.  also, frankie's ready to kill me because we're like 28937598234 episodes behind in scandal.  i'm thinking we need to just get a bottle of wine and some popcorn and watch them all tomorrow night Olivia Pope Style. OH BUT WERE INCREDIBLY EXCITED FOR GAME OF THRONES TO COME BACK.
  8. for all the pike place kitchen newbies – i love caps lock over here… sorry i'm not sorry about it.
  9. let's end with cats in the totally wrong place.
  10. OH OH OH. but make sure you check back in on Tuesday because i'm hosting a cookbook giveaway!
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