Sunday Sprinkles



  1. it was so beautiful this weekend!  today i was outside almost ALL day.  frankie and i ran another race this morning and then we had his soccer game at 2pm on randall's island and it was so nice.  i totally got a ton of sun.
  2. did any of you go to the boston marathon?  i wish i could have gone.  i died at most of these signs though!
  3. is anyone else doing the bikini series with tone it up?  i'm so excited to start!
  4. i have a new addiction to HGTV.  have we talked about it? i'm obsessed with Chip and Joanna.  also THE PROPERTY BROTHERS.  a friend got to meet them the other night and got me a signed copy of their new book.  i'm dead.
  5. i'm thinking about getting business cards for the blog to hand out when people ask for my recipes.  what do you think?? is that too pretentious?
  6. sometimes i have to look up things on the internet that make me feel like a complete idiot.  point A: crosswise vs. length-wise (p.s. thanks buzzfeed)
  7. TV. oy let me tell you! we caught up on everything.  SCANDAL – it sort of feels like its one of the old seasons.  also, Liv's “DONT EVER CROSS ME AGAIN” line killed me.  i felt like abby really needed to be put in her place.  QUANTICO – i still can't get over how much i love this show, but like why is the season so much longer than How to Get Away with Murder?  GOT STARTS TODAY.  i can't even. so excited.
  8. THE FLOWERS RIGHT NOW ARE KILLING ME. they're all so pretty.  so pretty everywhere.  THE TULIPS.  tulips are my favorite and they're everywhere.  i can't get over it.
  9. also, in case you were on the fence about these basil mayo turkey sandwiches, you should know that when frankie read the post he immediately texted me and asked for them for dinner on Tuesday night.  they were just as good as he remembered.