Sunday Sprinkles



  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ??? to all the wonderful moms out there, especially mine.  i love you eternally and unconditionally (even if you drive me crazy sometimes, because i'm sure the feeling is mutual).
  2. i'm in LOVE with my new computer.  I MEAN IN LOVE.  (as in: my boyfriend should probably be jealous, love).  it's just so pretty and small and sleek and FAST.  it was a good investment.  now i just need to keep it organized…
  3. i'm brunching in brooklyn today!  YAYY.
  4. i love this – btw DEFF agree with the kosher/sea salt over table salt… i haven't used table salt in my kitchen in AGES, we LOVE pink himlayan sea salt over here and will never look back (frankie thinks it's candy…)
  5. every once in a while i still get notifications from my favorite coffee chain in oregon (dutch bros) and it makes me SO SAD.  is a $400 round trip ticket worth the benefits of a smooth blended coffee?  the answer is always yes.  YES.
  6.  i rearranged our bedroom yesterday and i think frankie was over it and ready to murder me.  but it looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW.  and we have so much more space for activities.  it really made the room feel twice the size i think.  and it's cleaner on the half with our bed so it feels more tranquil.  i'm a huge fan.  plus i can actually use the desk now!  i'm writing this from it right now :)
  7.  TV. scandal!  i'm back in the swing of loving scandal again!! which makes me incredibly happy.  also “tell her i'm chasing the sun” I CANT EVEN DEAL.  ITS TOO MUCH.  sigh. quantico. we have to watch it tonight because i'm the worst and we were cleaning/watching house of cards yesterday.  i thought i wasn't really into house of cards anymore… but I AM which is fun.
  8. ELLEN.  she really IS a national treasure.
  9. here's a bunch of funny mom quotes for funsies on mother's day.  YUP.
  10. I had to snap a picture of the white girl rose below.  i giggled out loud when i saw it.