Sunday Sprinkles



  1.  ummmmm remember how excited i was about  it's safe to say that frankie and i are equally obsessed with which makes it easy to see when your shows are airing and keeps track of the ones you've watched.  (frankie keeps all his shows in a note on his phone – so i'm really excited about being more organized)
  2. these are the most gorgeous desserts i've ever seen.
  3. i've bought another basil plant!  i'm hoping i can keep it alive longer this time…
  4. i tried freshdirect (that's a referral link – it'll get you $100 off, $50 off your first two orders!) for the first time this week!  i'd been putting off trying it because i was worried about getting bad produce, but i was really surprised with the quality & i'll definitely be doing it again.  i had a code and had to meet a $125 spend amount so i splurged on filet mignon and i cooked it perfectly.  so totally awesome!
  5. can i just let you know how happy it makes me that all of my electronics match?  P.S. i'm in LOVE with my new computer still.  it's like a baby that i want to take everywhere.
  6. UMMMM there's a procompression sock deal going on right now to buy 2 pairs and get 3 FREE (not the third pair – THREE FREE PAIRS) what??? (the code is 3PLUS) YES.
  7. TV – we're still watching House of Cards and loving it.  also we caught up on Game of Thrones and i'm like dying over the suspense that is that show.  also, have they finally gone past the books?  i'm wondering if the Jon Snow storyline is what the books have written?  i'm still really into Quantico and i knewwwww it wasn't Drew or Ryan.  i vaguely remember thinking it was Liam in the way way beginning of the show.  i wonder if i wrote that anywhere? (just checked and yup, i did write that i thought it was him)
  8. hahahahah it's a ruff life.
  9. i might have asked this already, but are you guys interested in the backend stuff behind the blog?  the tools i use, traffic info, growth & earnings?  i'm toying with the idea of writing about that, but i won't if no one is interested in what's working and what isn't.  this is first and foremost a food blog and i plan to hold true to that.